Have You Ever Been to a Maasai Wedding

  • 2021-09-07 10:17:14

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Have You Ever Been to a Maasai Wedding

Perhaps the most unique experience that many of our customers have ever had was on August 14th with the marriage of our Maasai friends Risa and Maggie. 

One Horizon Africa had been invited along with our guests. It was an amazing day of cultural insight into a Maasai marriage ceremony of great colour and vibrancy, rhythmic dancing and singing and where traditional rituals dominated the day.  

This grass root event was part of our portfolio of Special Events & Experiences Portfolio that can be found on the One Horizon website.    These extraordinary and unique events are only possible because of the close relationship that One Horizon Africa has with its communities.  A relationship which delivers experiences which are incredible, unique and unbelievable.

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