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Daniel is a great Masai tribesmen and an elder of his tribe who conducts eco tours of the valley in which he lives. The Masai are great conservationists and never over graze their land.

Daniel’s knowledge of the land and its herbal medicines is second to none. And he is a big hit with our guests.

He also covers how he coexists with the wild animals that roam the area and what they like to eat. And his tour also explains how to climb a tree to escape angry buffalo, leopards and other predators.

If you have any questions about Daniels eco tour please follow the link . Daniels eco tour runs every day (excepting Sundays) and includes a visit to his village to meet his family and neighbors. The tour lasts for half a day, includes lunch and pick up and return to your hotel.

And the amazing eco tour includes new innovations adopted by the Masai in the form of bio-gas. The bio-gas uses cow manure (which the Masai have plenty of) and water to produce an eco friendly cooking and heating gas. The big winner is the environment as the Masai no longer have to forage for and cut down precious timber from the forests. And the effort involved in this daily pilgrimage can be used more productively on other things

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