Masai Eco Tour 1 Day Tour

Masai Eco Tour <span>1 Day Tour</span>
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This is a KTB Signature Experience tour recognized by the Kenya Tourist Board in 2020 as offering a unique, exceptional and authentic travel experience

Connect with nature and a local Masai community

This 1-day tour enables you to connect with nature and a local Masai community of eco warriors. It will engage you with traditional Masai herdsmen about matters of conservation and the preservation of their environment. You will see how the Masai are embracing biogas systems which enable them to preserve precious forests, maintain wildlife habitats while supplying non-polluting fuel for their families. It is one of the most authentic, in depth look at an indigenous community with generations of environmental lessons to impart.

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The International Ecoturism Society

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Which brings together individuals and organisations committed to helping local
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The Masai have, for centuries, had to manage their environment so that they do not deplete the coverage of natural pastures for their herds. A Masai's herd is one of the most sacred and treasured possessions of the Masai. But as with most indigenous communities, they have been subject to many modern pressures and for the Masai community this has mean that their nomadic way of life is challenged. Within Kenya and to accommodate the Masai's nomadic ways, they are the only tribe in Kenya who can graze their herds on public land in Kenya and specifically in Nairobi.

It is not surprising as well, that the Masai's knowledge of native herbs and remedies are second to none. And it is this ancient knowledge that they are keen to impart to all their guests. And this is why this is such a unique tour and experience for guests. You will learn about how they have developed a low environmental impact, about indigenous remedies which are their medicines, and which have helped them survive. It is the ultimate eco tour.

And perhaps one of the most absorbing adaptations that the Masai are making is in the use of biogas systems. Biogas is a clean, not polluting energy source generated from cow dung which the Masai are harnessing to the betterment and preservation of the natural ecosystems. In using biogas, forests and wildlife habitats are preserved as no longer do your hosts have to forage each day for firewood. And in the more sedentary lifestyle being forced on the Masai, biogas provides high quality organic fertilisers that enable them to embrace crop farming. If your love of nature and indigenous communities have bought you to this tour, you will be richly rewarded with memories for life.


  • Air conditioned hotel transfers - we'll collect you at 9am from your Nairobi hotel and drop you back at about 5pm. Along the way we'll show you some amazing sights and magnificent countryside.
  • A light lunch.
  • Unlimited fruit, tea, coffee and water.
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

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Louisa, Canada

This was truly a special outing. Such a privilege to meet... incredibly strong, beautiful women. The afternoon of jewellery making was lovely - a nice way to interact. The area that we visited was so beautiful - very peaceful. Solomon and all of the supporting staff were truly wonderful - they took great care of me. They are tremendously dedicated and passionate individuals. I learned a lot from them during our conversations. All in all, a unique tourist experience that also gives back. Well worth the time and money.


Kristi, USA

A life affirming tour that definitely should not be missed. My heart is full. Sitting with a Masai woman and learning the art of beadwork with her capable hands (in Maasai enkirina enkaina), while hearing her story... and how she overcame it ALL is so amazing. She is my shujaa (Maasai for hero). I am overwhelmed. Her Story Matters. I also picked up amazing pieces at unbelievable prices to add to the Kenya collection. I am recommending this to everyone I possibly can. I left feeling like family.


Michelle, Mexico

Amazing day with inspiring Masai... Spending a day with them dancing, making jewellery and sharing experiences from our different cultures was wonderful. Thanks! Our guides were excellent; very welcoming and punctual. Their warm personality allowed for great conversation, particularly on the importance of empowering women. I strongly recommend booking this tour, which will contribute to the One Horizon Programs that have strong positive impacts in supporting women and young children.

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