Ololo Wildlife and Community 5 Days Tour

Ololo Wildlife and Community <span>5 Days Tour</span>
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This varied 5-day tour combines visits to One Horizon's community-driven projects with wonderful wildlife-watching, relaxing accommodation and delicious food at Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm overlooking Nairobi National Park.

Join One Horizon for four nights at Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm, located in pristine bush right on the boundary of the renowned Nairobi National Park. Relax in excellent safari-style accommodation, eat delicious home-grown organic food, and enjoy a number of thrilling game drives. Nairobi National Park is home to a staggering amount of Kenyan animals and birds despite its proximity to the city and there’s an excellent chance of spotting rhino, buffalo, lion, cheetah and numerous antelope and plains game. While the park itself is too small to sustain elephants, a visit to the Sheldrick Trust on its perimeter is an unforgettable activity, and a Nairobi highlight, to watch endearing baby elephants at the world-famous orphanage. This exciting safari experience is combined with two of One Horizon's inspiring tours in and around the city; you will spend time getting to know the intriguing and majestic Maasai people in their village, and meet some warm and welcoming Kikuyu grandmothers that are making a sustainable business work so they can keep their families together. This tour is ideal for those who have a limited time in Nairobi but still want to see amazing wildlife and there is the added privilege of meeting Kenya's extraordinarily friendly people in their own communities.

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Nairobi-Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm

Today you will be picked up from your Nairobi hotel, or from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Wilson Airport, and transferred to Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm located just outside the southern boundary of Nairobi National Park. Originally an old Kenyan homestead and now owned by an Australian farming family, Ololo is an ideal partner for One Horizon as we share the same values, and the lodge promotes eco-friendly principles, protects local wildlife populations, farms using organic and sustainable methods, and supports the social and economic welfare of its staff and local communities. The lodge boasts a tranquil garden setting on the Mbagathi River where you can watch animals come down to drink and enjoy breath-taking views over the park and distant Ngong Hills. Individually decorated rooms are in the old farmstead, former stables or tented cottages, and there’s a refreshing swimming pool, atmospheric fire-pit in the garden, and guest lounge in the thatched farmhouse with open fireplace, wine cellar and library. On your first evening, enjoy dinner on the restaurant's open-air terrace which serves a delicious menu of organic seasonal ingredients and vegetables from the farm.

Nairobi-Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm Nairobi-Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm
  • Nairobi-Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm
  • Nairobi-Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm
  • Nairobi-Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm
  • Nairobi-Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm

Early morning game drive-Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage-Ololo farm tour

Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm borders the 117-sq-km Nairobi National Park and this morning you'll go on your first early morning game drive to view Kenya's spectacular wildlife. It's the world's only national park that shares a boundary with a bustling capital city and features diverse landscapes ranging from broad savannah grasslands to pockets of riverine woodlands and dramatic rocky gorges. It's home to over 100 species of mammals including a large population of black and white rhino, Cape buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, hyena, zebra, jackal, and antelope such as eland, hartebeest and impala.

After an exciting game drive, it's back to Ololo for a hearty breakfast. The lodge prides itself on serving excellent farm-to-table food and your plate will be filled with fresh produce; eggs, mushrooms, milk and yoghurt, fruit and vegetables are all produced using organic farming practices. Then there will be a late morning visit to the nearby Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that also occupies a site on the edge of Nairobi National Park. This pioneering elephant orphanage was founded in 1977 by Daphne Sheldrick in memory of her husband and naturalist David Sheldrick, and today the trust is the most successful baby elephant rescue and rehabilitation programme in the world. Your time here watching the adorable and endearing young calves come out for their morning play and bath time will be unforgettable, and the keepers will explain their individual stories and more about the challenges elephants are exposed to in Kenya.

Returning from the Sheldrick Trust, enjoy a delicious lunch at Ololo and then while away the afternoon relaxing on the terrace or open lounge with a drink. Alternatively go on an interesting farm tour to wander through the shambas and orchards and visit the free-range livestock, and children will especially enjoy the farmyard animals. Ololo is proud of its sustainable techniques such as water-recycling, composting systems, production of natural fertilizer, and all its farm produce has been awarded wholly organic by the Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN). An additional game drive in Nairobi National Park can be arranged in the late afternoon if you wish, followed by another scrumptious dinner of food you perhaps have just seen growing on the farm on your tour.

Early morning game drive-Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage-Ololo farm tour Early morning game drive-Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage-Ololo farm tour Early morning game drive-Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage-Ololo farm tour Early morning game drive-Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage-Ololo farm tour
  • Early morning game drive-Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage-Ololo farm tour
  • Early morning game drive-Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage-Ololo farm tour

Early morning game drive-Maasai village excursion

Lying only 7-km away from the city centre, Nairobi National Park is fenced along its northern perimeter but is open to the south along the Embakasi and Athi rivers allowing migrating herds, and the predators that follow them, to come and go freely. On today's early morning game drive, you’ll be able to photograph the unique sight of herds of zebra, giraffe and antelope peacefully grazing on the open grassy plains studded with flat-topped acacia trees with a view of Nairobi's skyscrapers on the horizon.

After breakfast back at Ololo Safari Lodge, we spend the rest of the day connecting with Kenya's proud Maasai people in an authentic and interactive way by becoming part of the hustle and bustle of Maasai village life. Having maintained a semi-nomadic way of life on their communal lands for centuries, the Maasai are well-known for their distinctive dress, valued customs and unique social and family structures, which include rites of passage and revered respect for elders. This fun and insightful day starts with a song and dance welcome where the wife of a village elder will offer to dress you in traditional Maasai shuka cloth or 'African blanket. then you'll take part in the rituals of the young warriors, perform daily tasks with the women, and sit with the villagers as they share their stories and folklore while the women teach you how to make some traditional decorative beaded jewellery. You can also purchase Maasai jewellery and curios produced by the villagers. Lunch is a delightful picnic basket prepared by Ololo Safari Lodge, and after the Maasai village excursion is another opportunity to go on a late afternoon game drive in Nairobi National Park. Then later dine under the trees or on the terrace, or on cooler nights, inside with small braziers (jikos) keeping you warm and cosy.

Early morning game drive-Maasai village excursion Early morning game drive-Maasai village excursion Early morning game drive-Maasai village excursion
  • Early morning game drive-Maasai village excursion
  • Early morning game drive-Maasai village excursion
  • Early morning game drive-Maasai village excursion

Early morning game drive-Go Granny Go! Excursion to a Kikuyu village

The first couple of hours after dawn are always best for game-viewing, and on today’s early morning drive in Nairobi National Park, as well as the large animals, keep eyes peeled for the more than 520 species of endemic and migratory birds-the highest number recorded than any other park in Kenya. Notable birds include the kori bustard, secretary bird, Maasai ostrich, and the park is well known as a habitat for falcons, eagles and other large birds of prey. In the dams, ponds and rivers, Nile crocodiles and hippos are present too.

After breakfast at Ololo you will visit a project that is turning around the lives of grandmas in a Kikuyu community. We at One Horizon call it the 'Go Granny Go!' tour as you meet some engaging and entrepreneurial grandmothers who are beating their generational cycle of poverty. Many Kenyan grandmothers play a vital role in raising their grandchildren and extended families, and you’ll visit a pig farm, which is a project supported by One Horizon and travellers like yourself to improve the livelihoods of grandmothers by empowering them through small-scale farming. They invite you to assist with farming activities, join in some joyful singing and dancing over a cup of local tea or chai, and by sharing lots of laughter and listening to their inspirational stories, you'll get a real insight into the strength and resilience of these remarkable Kenyan women.

On the way back to Ololo Safari Lodge and Farm, we stop in the watershed ridge of the Ngong Hills just outside the city. Enjoy the broad views over Maasai country and another delicious picnic basket lunch prepared by the chefs at Ololo, and once again you’ll appreciate the quality, freshness and healthiness of the lodge's food.

On the final afternoon there's be time to relax by the pool or in the open lounge and peacefully watch the passing herds of wildlife across the Mbagathi River in Nairobi National Park. Or perhaps indulge in an invigorating massage (optional extra) or another late afternoon game drive before dinner.

Early morning game drive-Go Granny Go! Excursion to a Kikuyu village Early morning game drive-Go Granny Go! Excursion to a Kikuyu village Early morning game drive-Go Granny Go! Excursion to a Kikuyu village
  • Early morning game drive-Go Granny Go! Excursion to a Kikuyu village
  • Early morning game drive-Go Granny Go! Excursion to a Kikuyu village
  • Early morning game drive-Go Granny Go! Excursion to a Kikuyu village

Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm-Nairobi

This morning over a last home-cooked leisurely breakfast on the terrace, reflect on the experiences of the last few days-not only have you seen Kenya’s amazing wildlife, but met some truly inspirational people that are making a real difference in their communities. We transfer you to your central Nairobi hotel or Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Wilson Airport for your onward journey.

Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm-Nairobi
  • Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm-Nairobi
  • Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm-Nairobi
  • Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm-Nairobi
  • Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm-Nairobi
  • Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm-Nairobi


  • Full board (including alcoholic beverages)
  • All game drives with guide
  • All park and other entry fees
  • 3 x additional excursions
  • Return transfers from JKIA


  • Additional excursions outside of the itinerary
  • Spa treatments
  • Additional meals after checkout (US $35)


  • If arriving after 20:30 on the first night, the rate for the first night is 50% of the daily rate of the One Horizon safari package rate.
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

We are happy to recommend alternative accommodation options that meet your
requirements during your time with us in Nairobi. Our preferred hotels
are Palacina and Hemingways - If you would like us to explore other options please contact us.



Antonia, UAE 2020

Ololo is a magical piece of paradise and cannot be recommended enough. The national park location is perfect for reconnecting with nature, the rooms are comfortable and gorgeous, the staff is extremely attentive, the food always delicious, and Craig and Joanna the most wonderful hosts.

Josh Rathmell

Josh Rathmell, USA - Jan 2020

Incredibly lovely stay!
My wife and I used Ololo as a quick pit stop after landing in Nairobi for our Honeymoon. It came very highly recommended by our travel guis (True Africa Safaris). It ended up being such a nice experience... we left wishing we were staying for several nights. The accommodation was fantastic. Walking into the room for the first time was a total blast. Very exciting way to start a honeymoon. The staff, and owners of the lodge were all incredibly friendly welcomed us to Africa very warmly. They had even surprised us with a bottle of wine to celebrate the occasion. I would HIGHLY recommend arranging to stay at Ololo after landing in Nairobi (or perhaps just before departure). It's a fantastic alternative for those who wish to spend as little time in the city as possible. My wife and…


Sarah , USA

Provides insight to local living while giving back to the community
Booking our tour with One Horizon Africa was very easy. The day of our tour, our guide was on time and waiting in the lobby of our hotel for us. He was an amazing tour guide throughout the whole day. We didn't really know what to expect going into it and it all exceeded our expectations. The knowledge, communication, and background information we were provided about the organization as well as on our tour with the women was incredible. Any questions we had about One Horizon or Nairobi in general were answered very well with great knowledge. Throughout our drive to/from the village our tour guide made sure to point out various things on the side of the road and the neighborhoods we'd be passing by/through. Everyone that we interacted with that day always made us feel very welcome and had open arms. We chose One Horizon Africa when booking our village visit as we loved the fact that it was helping women and children in need. This organization started from the ground up and has really blossomed into an amazing thing. We left with such an amazing experience that no other tour could have provided.

Njeri N

Njeri N, Kenya 2021

The epitome of hospitality
This weekend, I drove over to Ololo Lodge via the Tuala back route. Ololo is a quiet intimate lodge located on a working farm that brings to life the true meaning of 'from farm to fork.' It's quite an interesting setup really, that has everything from the biggest, sweet potatoes I’ve ever seen to organic herbs and vegetables, chicken, geese and a friendly cow named Rejoice. The beef fillet was tender and succulent, while the salads were out of this world! I was transported into tranquillity during an evening walk along the pedestrian bridge suspended over the Mbagathi River. I then watched the sun dip into the Ngong Hills from the Tower Room, aptly named for having 360 views of the national park. I waited until the Upper hill skyline came to life, twinkling away in colourful lights.
Lazily, I sipped my afternoon tea while watching the buffalo, giraffe, eland, and zebra go by, while the hyrax played on the deck below my feet. I watched a Maasai herds boy shake his fist at a buffalo, sending it on its way. But I suppose what really stood out for me as most memorable was the warmth of the staff. The team comprising of Richard, Stephen, Virginia, Joanna (the owner) and her son, epitomised hospitality. They go over and above to accommodate the wishes of all their guests. I'll remember this little hideaway for a long time to come.


Mark, UK 2019

Truly amazing! We will carry our time with One Horizon in our hearts for the rest of our lives!
This tour was one of the absolute highlights of our whole time in Africa. One Horizon is doing an amazing work to empower the otherwise families to climb out of poverty and affecting future generations in perpetuity. Our guide Carol was on-time, professional, and very endearing. Once we got to the village, we had the most amazing time... we laughed and sang, prepared a meal together and ate, they shared their stories and we got a first hand understanding of how One Horizon is dramatically impacting one family at a time. What a truly remarkable organization. This tour is a little off the beaten path, but well worth the time and money!


Egnaro, UK Jan 2020

Great Visit
We stayed for a day prior to flying back home. We saw so much wildlife just driving through the park to the lodge which ticked so many boxes, only to arrive at the most stunning setting and incredibly comfortable surroundings. While we sat by the pool awaiting our delicious lunch, we spotted three lions across the small valley which was a real treat. We managed to include another drive through the park before dinner and took in yet more animal encounters including an up close meet with a group of rhinos. Dinner prior to our departure was superb, the room was exquisitely decorated as well as being spotless. Everyone was so pleasant - we were sorry to leave. Thank you Joanna and Craig, you have created something so special and your hospitality is amazing.

Steven and Patricia Mayer

Steven and Patricia Mayer, USA 2019

One of the most inspiring experiences in our lives 5/5
The communications from the tour operator were excellent. The trip itself far exceeded our expectations. Meeting and speaking with the women both at the women's center and spending time with Masai women in their homes was one of the best experiences in our lives. We found the women to be open about their difficult lives, and among the most dignified human beings we have ever met. They were working hard to improve their lives and that of their children. They were learning skills that would help them become independent and able to support themselves. They were given emotional and financial support along with training that would change their lives in the difficult environment of where they live. They are truly given a hand up and not just a hand out. This experience was not only inspiring to us but has changed our lives.


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