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An Epic Memory of Joy, Fun & Intense Uniqueness

Rolf, USA

That day is still resonating in my heart. Besides being an epic memory of joy, fun, and intense uniqueness that one discovers through meeting others in another culture, I feel like I’ve lost something, something dear. Perhaps it’s a combination of the physical distance between their huts and my home here in Oregon, and the warmth of nature that poured from each one of them … I’ve been fortunate to have visited many lands in my lifetime. All with cultures which were similar yet the same. But something happens on your trip. There was a sincerity there that has left me questioning myself as to why I am where I am when clearly I should be seeing my “Maasai friends” on a routine basis … This was truly the gem of my visit to Kenya, overshadowing all other events I partook in. You have my deepest respect and admiration for what you do. Until we meet again …

Amazing Experience With A Beautiful Masai Family

Meredith, Australia

The highlight of my trip! Daniel, Rispa and their son Emmanuel welcomed me into their home. I learnt so much about their culture, and they were equally interested in mine (Australia). It was overwhelmingly beautiful to hear their stories, but also alarming about the struggles that females can go through. One Horizon is a great organisation that is striving to help girls/women within the Masai community by providing hope, education and a means of earning income. It was a fabulous day and I know that anyone who joins this tour will be forever grateful like I am.

Amazing From Start To Finish – Not Your Typical Tourist Tour 

Rob, Australia

Just as described in the overview – not be missed. This was an amazing experience from start to finish and certainly not your typical tourist tour. I was met at the hotel by a delightful lady called Carol and driven to meet a Maasai family. On the way Carol explained the work her organisation was doing to support women escaping difficult situations (one we would meet later that day to here from her first hand). On arrival our small group was warmly greeted by the family and invited into their mud home where we shared experiences from their and our culture. They performed a dance which we were invited to join. It was a wonderful day from start to finish with great hosts and guides. An experience not to be missed.

GREAT! Fantastic to Engage & Eat With True Kenyans

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Bart – Germany

GREAT! A fantastic morning out to and engage and eat with true Kenyans From the first moment Carol, the tour guide with her own extraordinary story, welcomes you in the world of One horizon and explains all the ins and outs of the program. The opportunity to talk to and eat with Kenyan grandmothers who share their life story is by far the best experience I have had in Nairobi – 10/10 would recommend doing this tour to get to see a bit of true Kenya!


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