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Another Inspirational Day

Jan, Australia


What an incredible day spent with this traditional Masai family. They shared their stories and I listened with tears in my eyes. We spent the morning with Daniel and his son Emanuel. Daniel has 50 siblings!!! Emanuel explained the cultural journey from boyhood to manhood and his mother, later in the day, shared her experience. The practice of circumcision continues today. It is a day I will remember forever and their stories will remain in my heart. Carol, our guide, also shared her remarkable story. The work done by One Horizon is nothing short of life changing for these people. I would recommend anyone travelling to Nairobi to be a part of one of these experiences. 

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An awesome experience! 

Barbara, USA

The Masai people welcome us with great joy. I definitely will come back again.

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A Life Changing Experience

Mark, USA


Recently my husband and I spent two weeks in Kenya as part of a group tour. Having been obsessed with the Masai from a young age he knew he wanted to spend some one on one time with a local family and do something to give back to the local community.

One Horizon was the perfect opportunity. We selected the Masai Magic tour and were picked up at our hotel by our One Horizon guides. We drove for about 45 minutes and arrived at the home of (village Elder) Daniel, his wife Rispa and their son Emmanuel. They could not have been more warm and welcoming.

We spent time with them as a family exploring the traditional Masai village and learning about their lives, but we also spent time with each individually chatting and asking questions about a herding life in Kenya. We sat with Rispa and made our own beaded bracelets. We enjoyed a light snack and also had the opportunity to purchase some of Rispa’s beadwork and crafts. Not only did we support the family but they were WAY more affordable than anywhere else on our trip. STOCK UP WHILE YOU ARE THERE!

One Horizon was responsive during our planning, one time for our pick up, a wealth of information during our travel to meet the family and the vehicle was clean and comfortable. We could not have asked for a more amazing experience.

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What A Wonderful Day


Carol from One horizon came to pick us up at our hotel to spend the day with a Masai family. We learned about their traditions and their lifestyle. The family was very happy to meet us and even sang happy birthday to me. After, we sat under an acacia tree and made bracelets. The weather was pleasant. Carol was more than nice. She brought coffee, Kenyan donuts, and bottles of water for us. At some point, we felt connected to one another and we laughed while making our bracelets. Carol is so sweet. She answered so many questions we had for her.

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Thank You

Joy, Australia

I want to thank One Horizon and Carol (our guide) for such a rare glimpse into the various Kenyan culture and, even more so, for the wonderful work you and your team do! 

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