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One Horizon’s CONNECTING WITH KENYA portfolio combines the most exceptional, unique, and authentic travel experiences that you are ever likely to experience. As a not-for-profit organisation who main focus is its humanitarian programs, it has set the standard incredibly high in terms of enabling travelers to experience the real Kenya.

So much so that the Kenyan Tourist Board has included One Horizons tours in its SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE COLLECTION for 2020 – 21. That is, by taking people to grass roots communities, where you will never see a tour bus, travelers engage in the most impactful experiences whilst helping people at the same time.

One Horizon is redefining the meaning of the word ‘holiday to include an opportunity for travelers to have a positive impact’. Some may call it responsible or sustainable tourism whilst others will call it simply amazing. And you will see why One Horizon is winning accolades from the industry.

One Horizon’s TOGETHER WE CAN is the gem in its CONNECTING WITH KENYA tours. This 4 day experience covers amazing people and projects embracing women, grandmas, the Masai and families. Its simply 4 extraordinary days that you will never forget and which leaves social, economic and environmental positives on the communities our travelers visit.

To book this tour, you can do this online by following this link or contact us on

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