It’s Time for A Celebration the Maasai Way?

  • 2021-10-07 05:26:02

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It’s Time for A Celebration the Maasai Way?

Isn’t it time for a celebration?    It’s been a tough couple of years and we are ready to party.  So, if your clients are coming to Kenya, why not let One Horizon organise a celebration for them.  One Horizon can organize a special party with our Maasai friends in their traditional village, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary,retirement,memorial, or simply-as a get-together for a group of friends or family travelling in Kenya together.  Or a celebration of getting back to life again.  We all deserve it!

And to give this a uniquely Kenyan flavour and be a guaranteed holiday highlight, the Maasai will make it a wonderfully joyous occasion.These proud semi-nomadic pastoral people have age-old traditional practices and rituals, and they honour milestones in their own culture and respect how important they are.

The Maasai will welcome you warmly and help you celebrate with the lively singing and dancing they are renowned for and a great cultural experience.  The partywith the Maasai is something that travellers will hold in their hearts forever.   Click on the link to find out more about theCelebrate Your Milestone event or go to One Horizon’s website

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