Our Itineraries Showcase Amazing Kenyans

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Our Itineraries Showcase Amazing Kenyans

One Horizon stands out for its ability to offer unique and grass root experiences in local Kenyan communities.   And as a not-for-profit organisation whose focus is its sustainable programs, it offers a rich diversity of customer experiences that revolve around meeting the incredible people of Kenya.  In particular meeting young mothers and their families, with youth forging new futures and grandmas leading social change by becoming entrepreneurs.  And our guests have the satisfaction knowing that their tour fees go towards establishing and implementing the sustainable programs that help people work towards having happier lives.

Our experiences have been recognised by the Kenyan Tourist Board as part of its Signature Experience Portfolio for their uniqueness and for the amazing experiences that showcase Kenyan life.   Our itineraries include our 2-6 day, 1 day and Eco and Conservation Tours that run from 1-8 days.  And Celebrating Your Milestone and our Special Events and Experiences itineraries complete our tour portfolio.  To find out more about what our itineraries include please follow the following  download link provided. 

Net rates for travel agents and wholesalers are available by contacting us on enquiry@onehorizonafrica.com   

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