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Sadly, we said farewell to Eddie the Boar this week, the notorious and aging Lothario at one of our communities where we’re helping Kenyan grandmas start pig farms. In fact, Eddie set the gold standard among our boars when it came to mating with anything at any time. He once fell in love with a fence post!

But we need not feel sorry for Eddy as he has gone on to new conquests at a nearby farm. Eddie was showing his advancing years. Previously uncompromising in his work, he had fathered over 2000 piglets and had a harem of 15 willing sows hanging off his every grunt.  When you calculate the value of his offspring, it was around $100,000 which after costs, was distributed to his pod of grandmas in our community with each receiving between $5,000 to $10,000 for their efforts.

But Eddy was sleeping more and passing up the opportunities that came his way.  He would never have done that in his prime. He wanted to be home in bed by 9 pm and became a bit ‘testy’ and irritated by the adulation that came his way. We won’t forget him as he was a legend.  We have many more ‘Eddy’s’ in the pig business for grandmas and we turn them over to introduce new genetics into our breeding program.  Today, Eddy’s replacement, named Barry, moved into the pad once occupied by Eddy.   We will let you know of his progress.  Eddy and now Barry are part of our Go Granny Go, Spare Day in Nairobi tour as well as some of our longer Connect With Kenya safaris. You can be part of our life-changing pig farming program by travelling with us – so if you’d like to call in to say ‘jambo’ to Eddy and Barry while spending an amazing day with a group of inspiring grandmas please book here.

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