Go Granny Go! 1 Day Cultural Tour

Go Granny Go! <span>1 Day Cultural Tour</span>
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Go Granny Go is a cultural tour in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB)

On this enlightening One Horizon cultural tour, you meet some endearing and entrepreneurial grandmothers who are beating their generational cycle of poverty. Many Kenyan grandmothers play a vital role in raising their grandchildren and extended families, and you’ll visit a pig farm, which is a project supported by One Horizon to improve the livelihoods of grandmothers by empowering them through small-scale farming. They invite you to assist with farming activities, help cook a traditional meal, and by sharing lots of laughter and listening to their inspirational stories, you’ll get a real insight into the strength and resilience of these remarkable Kenyan women. A cultural tour like no other.

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Help a grandma become a pig farmer

We drive you to a Kikuyu village on the outskirts of Nairobi, where Kenyan grandmas are often responsible for raising their grandchildren and others in their family when parents can no longer look after them. It's a total immersion in Kenyan culture and a cultural tour which is unique. Sometimes up to 20 family members live in a grandmother's one-room corrugated iron home, and the financial constraints are extremely challenging. But thanks to a pig-farming small business program supported by One Horizon and the involvement of travellers like yourself, the grandmas earn a sustainable source of income from pig-husbandry to feed their families, while the bio-gas system creates energy out of the waste to power their homes which means that the family no longer has to cut down trees for cooking and heating purposes.

You meet the community’s warm and welcoming grandmothers, be shown around a pig farm and pitch in with the chores if you like, join in some joyful singing and dancing over a cup of local tea or chai, help cook lunch of beans and ugali (a maize flour dish eaten across East Africa), or learn how to make a chapati (soft layered bread). Your tour fees and visit support their training,as well as veterinary care and feed for the pigs, and this is a rare opportunity to support a grassroots social enterprise. The grandmothers narrate their powerful stories about how the program has helped them run a sustainable business that keeps their families together, and you learn how resilient people can be. The future of our grandmothers is as bright as their engaging personalities. This is a unique Kenyan cultural tour that One Horizon has become renowned for.


  • Air conditioned transfers. We'll meet you at your Nairobi hotel at 9am and drop you back at about 5pm. Along the way we'll show you some amazing sights as we journey through suburban and rural communities that tourists rarely see.
  • A light lunch.
  • Unlimited fruit, tea, coffee and bottled water.
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

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star rating

A fabulous project giving a fascinating insight into the lives of Kenya families

An inspiring trip with One Horizon showing how communities can be transformed with a little help and encouragement. We had a fascinating tour with 2 grandmother pig farmers and their families, hearing their stories and how One Horizon's pig farming project has transformed their lives. Please support One Horizon 's projects by taking one of their tours, you will get a real insight into the lives of Kenyans.

Helen S

star rating

An inspirational – and enjoyable – day

What an incredible experience! I took part in the Farm to Feast tour and was still thinking about it days afterwards. The charity One Horizon uses the money from its tours to provide Grandmas with piglets or chickens which they can breed and then sell. This enables these women to generate their own income and escape from crippling poverty. Our group met 4 Grandmas who have benefited from this project. We were picked up from our hotels and taken to the homes of these women – a rare and rewarding opportunity to see how local people live. The Grandmas were incredibly warm and welcoming. It was humbling and sobering to hear about the hardships they’d suffered before One Horizon changed their lives – and those of their families. They can now afford to send their children and grandchildren to school and no longer live from hand-to-mouth. But it was also a fun outing – we learnt about how they care for their animals, cooked a traditional lunch together and they sang for us. A truly memorable experience and an extremely uplifting day out. Through its various tours One Horizon provides a range of humanitarian programmes. If I return to Kenya, I will definitely do another tour with them. Their guides were fantastic too – very informative and friendly. And by taking part in the tour I really felt that I was making a big difference to the lives of people. I would highly recommend taking part in one of these tours – it will be a highlight of your trip to Kenya.


star rating

WOW what an inspiration to everyone! If you’re in Nairobi you must do this experience

Go Granny Go was an incredible experience for me – to learn about the lives of the grandmas and their struggles through life and how resilient they are was so inspiring. They welcomed you into their homes and spoke about their lives and how the project has helped them to earn money and provide food for their grandchildren as well as themselves. It was so inspiring to listen to and they even taught me how to make chapatis! Anyone who goes to Nairobi must include this experience!


star rating

Authentic and Emotional

We were lucky enough to participate in a One Horizon experience with "The Grannies" on the first day of our overland safari journey through Kenya and Tanzania. From their enthusiastic musical welcome to the Grannies' sobering stories of their difficult lives and how One Horizon's pig program has helped them keep their families together, it was a lovely and emotional few hours.


star rating

Amazing day meeting some amazing grandmas in Nairobi

I was part of a daytrip with One Horizon in Nairobi, where we had the chance to meet their grandmas project. It was an amazing experience where we were able to meet their families, cook with them and have lunch with them while they told us their amazing stories and life struggles and successes.

The program is amazing and was one of the highlights of my whole trip. Keep the amazing work you are doing!


star rating

Wonderful experience

We had a wonderful day today and it was really great to see such a good cause being supported.

Frances T

star rating

Farm to Feast: an incredibly inspiring visit with three amazing grandmothers

Our Intrepid Tour Day 1 started with our ‘Farm to Feast’ tour made possible in association with One Horizon. The Farm to Feast project helps grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren. Helping to lift them out of poverty and into a sustainable living, one piglet at a time.

Greeted with joyous song and dance by three gorgeous women, we gathered inside Rosemary's home and heard both Beatrice's and Rosemary's heart-wrenching and yet inspiring stories over tea and cake. We made chapatis from scratch and shared them for lunch filled with fresh apples. Then we fed the pigs their lunch.

The world is full of people in need. It is an exceptional experience to hear real stories of survival and empowerment, to feel the hope, and to be able to offer some support through quality projects. Our visit enabled One Horizon, through Intrepid, to help three more grandmothers out of poverty, with gift of a pig, feed, and vet services to help each grandmother start a business of her own

Now that's responsible tourism! Loved it. Highly recommend!

Kathrin Fischer

star rating

Make Chapatis with Mama Carol

I booked a trip to Mama Carol in the country via www.viator.com. It seemed like a cooking experience like so many others. But it's not: At One Horizon, personal commitment can be felt. Starting with the employees, who sparkle with enthusiasm for what they do. We continued with a visit to a family in the country. In all openness, we were able to get to know the fate of a formerly "disadvantaged" woman, who significantly improved the life of her family by means of several measures through One Horizon and a lot of initiative and diligence. Inviting tourists to cook Kenyan food is just one facet of it all. One Horizon had enabled Mama Carol to send her children to school, start a small pig farm and run a small cooking business - all by Kenyans for Kenyans. Mama Carol had her fate in her own hands and was able to experience how she worked for a better life with her own strength. She didn't take the chances that One Horizon gave her for granted, but showed genuine gratitude. This is what made this cooking day so valuable for us. There were very entertaining hours, also for our teenage children - with a lot of personal exchange - we also went with the feeling that we had made a very lasting and meaningful contribution to Mama Carol's happiness.

There should be a special seal of approval on platforms like www.viator.com so that non-profit initiatives can be recognized straight away.


Donald, Australian Farmer

Many thanks for the great memorable days. I just loveddddddddddddddddddddd it. The grandmothers and Carol and Sol. Just awesome.

Helen Kenyan Grandma

Helen, Kenyan Grandma

One Horizon has changed my life and words cannot express what I feel. Of all the people who have offered help, One Horizon have been the only ones that changed our lives for the better. They not only bought me pigs, but paid for their feed. Without the pig feed we would never have got anywhere because I couldn't feed my family, let alone pigs. My family's life is so much better now because of what they have done. May God bless them always.

Glenys Australia

Glenys, Australia

To quote my husband:'Glenys went away talking about animals and came home talking about the people'. We ended (our trip to Africa) on a high by spending a day in Nairobi with One Horizon. I recommend this tour as a truly rewarding experience. The money paid buys pigs for women to start a pig-breeding and selling business, and thus support their families. We spent time with 2 beautiful grandmas, cooking chapatis together for lunch then seeing their home, vege garden and pigpens. Hearing their life stories brought tears to our eyes, but they have truly come a long way. Inspirational! Everyone we met was cheerful, friendly and happy to do anything for us. Their happiness was contagious!

Mary S

star rating

Seeing the resilience of African women, up close and personal

My experience with the day tour Farm to Feast in Nairobi was one of the highlights of my month-long travel in Africa. Listening to and interacting with such resilient women, whose life stories were incredibly challenging, deepened my admiration and respect for them, their culture, and the organizations that work with them, like One Horizon. Our local guide, Solomon, was one of the kindest and most knowledgeable men I met during my travels. I highly recommend this opportunity — you really get a feel for the lives of Kenyan women, their struggles and the enterprising ways they are lifting themselves up.


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