Learning About Maasai Culture For Elementary, Middle & High School Children

Learning About Maasai Culture <span>For Elementary, Middle & High School Children</span>
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Learning about other cultures is a lifelong activity.

One Horizon Africa's 'Maasai Culture Experience for elementary, middle and high school children, is one of the most impactful learning experience children will ever have. This program is the epitome of experiential learning. Stepping into a Maasai community where many of the ancient rituals and practices still play an important role in the lives of the Maasai is an incredible event. This experience focuses on elements of Maasai culture. That is, learning from elders about the role of members of the community, the songs and dances of the Maasai, to their clothing and adornments are all explained and demonstrated.

The school students start the day by meeting the village elders who will encourage them to ask questions about all things Maasai. From the cycle of their lives through the seasons to the importance that each person has in Maasai culture. And throughout the day, the young participants rotate through experiences of song, dance, storytelling, and the games of the Maasai.

This is an extraordinary experience which is developed in collaboration with schools and its teachers in a way which supports their learning objectives. The experience has essential teachings about the importance of communication, of tolerance and understanding and values that we all have in common.

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An Introduction to Maasai Life – rituals and traditions

Each program is structured according to the learning objectives of a school. The initial introduction to Maasai life is conducted within a manyatta (traditional home) by the Maasai elders. With their humour and knowledge of Maasai life, customs and rituals, they provide a general introduction to what its like to be a Maasai. It is this introduction and explanation that provides context and insight into a culture mostly different from the student’s own lifestyle. And the students are encouraged to ask questions so that they can start to process the common aspects and differences between their own communities and those of the Maasai.

An Introduction to Maasai Life – rituals and traditions

Using what Nature Provides

The Maasai are great environmentalists and only take what they need from the local ecosystem. Their homes (manyattas) are built using local plants such as alovera. Alovera is made into twin which binds the support structures of their homes. And their manyattas use a particular form of mud which comes from the land around them. The ultimate in low eco footprint. Students have the opportunity to make the yard that binds the house together.

Using what Nature Provides

Building a Manyatta

Building a manyatta out of mud is always great fun. Under the supervision of the women of the tribe, the students will be shown on how to apply the mud to the frame of the house.

This activity produces a great buzz amongst the students and as the house evolves there is always great excitement and an eagerness to get involved. And recording all this energy and activity is the One Horizon staff who will provide the school with a visual and video library of the events of the day.

Building a Manyatta

It's Time for Singing and Dancing Maasai Style

The rhythmic beat and melodies of the Maasai's singing and dancing provide a backdrop to many of the rituals, practices and life events of the Maasai.

In this session the students will get to practice some of the basic dance moves and melodies of the Maasai. It's a time of energy, laughter and great fun.

It's Time for Singing and Dancing Maasai Style

Review and Wrap Up

The day ends with a review with the students of key learning's from the day. It is this session which is crucial to understanding how the students have processed the differences and similarities between their own culture and that of the Maasai.

Review and Wrap Up


  • One Horizon Africa staff collaborate with school staff to craft an experience that meets the schools' objectives in relation to the content of the experience and the experiential nature of the program.
  • Our villages are not open to the public and whilst they are part of the broader community they are restricted in access.
  • We provide up to 50-60 images and uncut videos that the school can use in their learning activities.
  • Our Maasai staff can be accessed to provide in school learning experiences as an adjunct to the day spent at the village.
  • All the villages used in the program have modern, flush bathrooms available for the convenience of students and staff.
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