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One Horizon’s aim is to alleviate poverty. Sustainable programs are the foundation of One Horizon. Sustainable tourism is a way of traveling and exploring a destination while respecting its culture, environment, and people.

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African Tours & Holidays in Africa
African Tours & Holidays in Africa
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One Horizon was honored by the Kenyan Tourist Board (KTB)
by having its tours included in its Signature Experience Collection.


What do our clients say

This was a wonderful experience as you are immersed directly into the real world these people live in. You really get the feel and understanding of the traditions and culture that you never get from a book or TV documentary. My wife as well as I feel this is a must do before you go

to Game Camp Safaris etc. You gain the added knowledge and base background needed for properly experiencing all other aspects of Africa. The Masi especially! Most importantly is the help One Horizon is giving to make life better for so many people! Colin is a man with a heart for these people and is a true blessing for them. You will feel that when you meet the Masi. They are a happy, hard working, positive group!

Chris and Lindsey Prumers

10 stars! If I could give it more stars, I would. This was one of the best

experiences of my life. I highly recommend this tour. Do not miss it. It’s a must see if you’re in Nairobi!


My husband and I couldn't have had a better time during our visit. The women we met were very empowering and inspirational. It was so neat getting to hear their story of how they got to where

they are now. From building their own homes to making jewellery and other accessories they truly are strong women! Getting to see where they live and what they do was very humbling, and we were so gracious they opened up their day to spend with us and allow us in their home.


Better than I could have imagined. This experience will stick with me the rest of my life. I had no idea giving 1 pig could be so important. I met Mary, Rosemary, Helen and Eunice I sipped tea while one of them

told me their story. I cried, we laughed, they cooked. Amazing how something as small as a pig can be the turning point in someone's life. Our guides were beyond expectation. Highly professional, informative and good people. Because of them I will look into more One Horizon programs. I've fallen in love with Kenya.


Our One Horizon experience was a highlight of our trip (to Kenya)… The work they are doing there is inspiring. Meeting the grandmothers, cooking our lunch with them, singing and dancing

and making new friends has given us memories we will cherish forever. Shopping for the piglets was great fun too. We will all definitely be recommending this tour to any of our clients who will be traveling to Kenya. Thank you to all of you for making our tour so special.


This is an amazing cultural experience. The organization ONE HORIZON has a very worthwhile effort to give Kenyan grandmas a chance

to learn a skill that should allow them the opportunity at supporting, feeding and educating their grandchildren. They are happy learning business skills and proud to share their life stories.


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