Maasai Magic 1 Day Cultural Tour

Maasai Magic <span>1 Day Cultural Tour</span>
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Maasai Magic is a cultural tour in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB)

This One Horizon 1 day cultural tour is a magical opportunity to connect with Kenya’s proud Maasai people in an authentic and interactive way by becoming part of the hustle and bustle of Maasai village life. Having maintained a semi-nomadic way of life on their communal lands for centuries, the Maasai are well-known for their distinctive dress, customs and unique social and family structures, which include rites of passage and revered respect for elders. On this fun and insightful day, you'll take part in the rituals of the warriors, perform daily tasks with the women, and share much laughter and many ideas as you listen to fascinating stories about Maasai culture.

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Live one day the Maasai way

From Nairobi, drive into the rural Maasai heartland where one of the elders will take you on a tour to explain how the Maasai manage these precious lands. You learn about Maasai values, native herbs and plants that are used for medicinal remedies, the importance the Maasai place on their natural resources like land and water, and help herd the cattle, which is their most sacred and treasured possession. A warm song and dance welcome awaits you at the village, and the wife of a village elder will offer to dress you in traditional Maasai shuka cloth or 'African blanket'. You'll also be invited to help out the women and learn their skills of constructing a new manyatta – a traditional Maasai homestead.It's a cultural tour like no other.

Time for lunch when you join the Maasai mothers to cook up a traditional Kenyan meal over an open-fire, and they'll share stories as they show you how to create your own piece of highly-decorative Maasai beaded jewellery. Then meet the young Maasai warriors, or morans, who explain their rites of passage as they become warriors, the defenders of the tribe. They teach you how to throw a traditional spear, climb speedily up an acacia tree in the event there are predators in the bush, or even the extraordinary jumping dance, which is how they demonstrate their prowess.

Your hosts impart the knowledge of their ancient culture and are just as interested in your life as you are in theirs. This is why we call it Maasai Magic, because we're constantly astonished by the magical moments that unfold as our guests and the villagers connect throughout the day.


  • Air-conditioned hotel transfers - we'll collect you at from your Nairobi hotel at a prearranged time and drop you back late afternoon.
  • Please note that your vehicle has charging facilities for your mobile phone and internet for your convenience.
  • A personal guide who is also your driver and a One Horizon staff member for the day whose task is to ensure that you enjoy every moment of the day.
  • You will also receive up to 50 images of your adventure as well as videos that capture the moments you will treasure for life.
  • A Maasai wristband as a memento of your visit
  • In addition to lunch there is unlimited fruit, tea, coffee and water available.
  • There are modern toilet facilities at the venue for your comfort.
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

We are happy to recommend alternative accommodation options that meet your
requirements during your time with us in Nairobi. Our preferred hotels
are Palacina and Hemingways - If you would like us to explore other options please contact us.


Ahmet (UAE)

star rating

A Unique and Special Experience We Will Treasure!

Truly a heart warming experience with a Masai Family who opened up their home, culture and traditions to us. Giving us insights to the way they live and also the changes to their traditions due to modern times.

We spent Christmas with them and also got the chance to share with them some of our culture and traditions.

It was a well planned day and everything went smoothly. Our tour hosts Mary & Solomon picked us up on time and were so friendly and down to earth. The Masai family was amazing and had loads of stories to share with us and lots of activities to do together.

I would recommend this experience to everyone who likes to have interaction , participation and engagement!

Iona (Romania)

star rating

An exquisite experience

As a European, this experience was absolutely fantastic! The people I met, the things I’ve heard and seen, all was overwhelming. It was also definitely an energy exchange, a great communication and a lovely atmosphere overall. The hosts were more than welcoming and I truly hope I also able to bring something in this exchange with the hosts. One Horizon was perfectly organising everything and the staff that accompanied me were very friendly and paying attention constantly to my comfort and well-being. So, a really exquisite experience!


star rating

An experience to remember for the rest of our lives

My husband and I could not be more impressed with our experience. Colin, Mary and Solomon really made us feel like family. Our visit to the Maasai was so personal and we thoroughly enjoyed our time speaking with Daniel and his family. We truly enjoyed every minute of our experience.

Yuni (USA)

star rating

Fantastic day, highly recommend.

We had an incredibly memorable and enjoyable day visiting a Maasai family. We visited Daniel and his family at his home, approximately 1 hour outside of Nairobi. We had a fabulous day learning about their culture, traditions and overall way of life. They taught us about their herbal medicine, pastoral lifestyle and other traditions. We got to try beading our own bracelets, cooking ugali, throwing clubs and singing/dancing. Our hosts were incredibly welcoming and happy to answer our questions. It was also nice to share some of our lives / stories with them. One Horizon is a very well-run organization with a fantastic mission of improving the lives of the Maasai people. We would highly recommend this tour for anyone looking to learn more about another culture and way of life, as well as support a great cause.


star rating

A very special experience

We had the chance to spend a day with a Masai family whilst in Nairobi, organised by One Horizon. It was a very special and moving experience that we highly recommend to all that are in Nairobi.

It is very well organised, from the pick up and drop off to the hotel, to the planned activities on the day, with the Masai family. They were absolutely lovely, welcoming us in their home and sharing with us their ways of life, being equally curious and interested in other cultures and customs as we were in theirs.

This is part of One Horizon's project to help the local communities, along other projects that they run.
We were very happy to be part of such an amazing experience!
Thank you all!


star rating

A truly personal cultural experience

This opportunity was life-changing. We learned so much about the Maasai culture and really enjoyed meeting the family. I brought home some beautiful jewelry and felt like I helped this family.

Rolf D

star rating

A Gift for My Senses

On August 16th, 2019, my family and I took part in an event not far from Nairobi, Kenya. Unexpectedly, it would dramatically change the way, everyday, I felt about my days far away from Kenya. To start, the “pick up crew” were some of the kindest individuals I’ve ever met, and they definitely set the bar for first impressions. This was also when I met Colin, who is an absolute gem of a human. My only regret with getting to know Colin is that my home is far away from his life, because his character is one I’d very much like to grow old with.

After a fairly short drive or maybe it was long, I don’t remember because I was so caught up in conversation with the team, we arrived at our destination, a Maasai settlement. All I remember after a short walk to their location was their color red. It was so captivating against the green trees, blue skies and the yellow hills backdrop. I have been welcomed by groups and individuals before, but there was a different and overwhelming feeling coming from our new hosts, the Maasai. It was if I had been reunited with my original family, like those who have been adopted, only to discover where they originally came from. It didn’t take long for our minds to be filled by key elements of their lives, from how the women make their huts, wild local plants, what encounters with lions they may have to engage in, to talks of their beliefs and systems of interacting with other tribes. It was like stepping back in time to a simpler, more straight forward, less chaotic way of governing oneself and those you care for. It was completely captivating to me.

On a brief side note, I knew I was home when I was offered sugar for my coffee. When asked if I wanted any, I mentally paused and wondered, "What’s appropriate here? Are the "white men" known for sweet indulgences and lounge chairs"? So I said, "Yes please", because I’m not great with sharp plain coffee and I do have a sweet tooth. To my shock and delight, Risa dumped about four teaspoons of sugar in my cup! I was ecstatic and knew I was home. But then I thought... maybe he did that on my account!? Nope, he then proceeded to add more sugar than coffee into his own cup. We smiled and laughed and the door of introductions was pushed that much further open.

As the day went on, and more discoveries were made, such as how poorly I can / cannot jump straight up into the air, it dawned on me that this day would end soon and I wasn’t sure if I could bottle that loss up. What else did I want to know? What else could I learn? It would take seasons and years to know these people and their way of life. That’s when I realized that my heart wanted to stay. Just like that, I could have dropped where my life was going and remained there. It made complete sense, and the world I knew and was used to seemed ridiculous.

Well, regardless... we had to eventually leave. The items we were able to purchase from the beautiful Maasai still adorn our walls and display cabinets. And every time one of these items catches my eye, I truly smile inside, but I am also filled with a sadness that only comes from a connection you make with those that create a difference in your lives.

I WILL be back again. I will see those who were kind to me and my family and I will shake their kind hands again.


star rating

Masai Magic Tour was absolutely fantastic!!!

Did the Masai Magic. So wonderful!!! Guides, Mary and Solomon were delightful and funny. We laughed the whole drive to the village. Masai family were lovely,fun and welcoming!!! I would definitely definitely do this tour, again!

Carol B

star rating

Wonderful experience!

Our day spent at the Maasai village was unlike anything we'd ever experienced. My husband and I were warmly greeted and welcomed in as family. We shared a meal and they taught us how to make the beautiful beaded items that they wear. They shared stories of their culture and was as equally interested in our lives back home. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in opening their eyes and learning something new. Great great day, time well spent!


Kristi, USA

A life affirming tour that definitely should not be missed. My heart is full. Sitting with a Masai woman and learning the art of beadwork with her capable hands (in Maasai enkirina enkaina), while hearing her story... and how she overcame it ALL is so amazing. She is my shujaa (Maasai for hero). I am overwhelmed. Her Story Matters. I also picked up amazing pieces at unbelievable prices to add to the Kenya collection. I am recommending this to everyone I possibly can. I left feeling like family.


Michelle, Mexico

Amazing day with inspiring Masai... Spending a day with them dancing, making jewellery and sharing experiences from our different cultures was wonderful. Thanks! Our guides were excellent; very welcoming and punctual. Their warm personality allowed for great conversation, particularly on the importance of empowering women. I strongly recommend booking this tour, which will contribute to the One Horizon Programs that have strong positive impacts in supporting women and young children.


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