A Grand Reunion 5 Day Cultural Tour

A Grand Reunion <span> 5 Day Cultural Tour</span>
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    Adults 17-65 years

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One of the most rewarding aspects for One Horizon is that the travellers who come to Kenya to take part in our cultural tour holidays, share the same values as we do, in terms of their commitment to helping improve the lives of others. That binds us together as a community and although the diaspora of One Horizon guests are spread all over the world, our friends and us remain in contact. We are a global community of committed people.

A Special Price to Out Past Supporters

And this is why we have organised our 5-day Grand Reunion experience, so that we can continue our involvement and friendship with you. And because of your past support for us, which we appreciate so much, we wanted to be offer you a very discounted price that is only available and offered to you as a past participant. Of course, if you decide to come on our Grand Reunion tour and if you are travelling with a partner or travel buddy, then we are happy to offer them the same price.

Retracing Your Footsteps & Catching Up with Old Friends

The essence of the Reunion Tours is for our past travelers to:

  • Continue their involvement with the communities that they visited on their previous trip to Kenya with One Horizon. That is, going back and reconnecting with the communities of grandmas, Maasai, women and youth who were visited before. Just like catching up with old friends and neighbours and;
  • Being introduced to new communities that they didn’t meet on their previous trip but, in doing so, making new friends in new communities and having a great time. A lot has happened over the last 5 years and we would love to share this with everyone. New experiences and amazing activities.
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  • A Grand Reunion
  • A Grand Reunion
  • A Grand Reunion
  • A Grand Reunion
  • A Grand Reunion
  • A Grand Reunion
  • A Grand Reunion
  • A Grand Reunion
  • A Grand Reunion
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The International Ecoturism Society

We are a proud member of
The International Ecotourism Society

Which brings together individuals and organisations committed to helping local
communities and the environment.


Our Entrepreneurial Grandmas Are Kicking Up Their Heels!

For those who visited our grandmas, your Grand Reunion gets off to a great start catching up on the latest with these mercurial grandmas you met previously.

Of course, these grandmas are transforming not only their own futures but that of their families. And you can see where they have progressed to from the previous time you spent with them. It's a time to reminisce with friends and for our guests who are meeting the grandmas for the first time, an introduction to grandmas who are overcoming some incredible hurdles. Their stories are inspiring.

All in all, a celebration of coming back together. There will good healthy food, a lot of singing and dancing with a Kenyan welcome that you will never forget.

Our Entrepreneurial Grandmas Are Kicking Up Their Heels!

Our Entrepreneurial Grandmas Are Kicking Up Their Heels!

Your Maasai Friends Are Waiting

For those who came down to our Maasai community previously it will be a great celebration to catch up with old friends. And for those who are experiencing it for the first time, you will get fascinating insights about how to escape a marauding buffalo, how to throw a club to transition to adulthood and how to quickly climb a tree! It's a lot of fun.

Over the last 3 years the impact of drought has created challenging conditions for our Maasai community. But with their great sense of humour and inquisitiveness your Maasai are delighted to be able to welcome you back.

Once again, it's a time for a lot of singing and dancing, being dressed up like a Maasai and enjoying the company of 3 generations of the family of your hosts.

Your Maasai Friends Are Waiting

Your Maasai Friends Are Waiting

Women Taking Ther Place Again

For those guests that visited our women’s centre, you have told us about how emotional the visit was. And now, to catch up with those women will probably be even more emotional. But that's what happens when you meet old friends. So be prepared!

For those friends of our who will be visiting the women’s centre for the first time, it's for young mothers who are raising a family's whilst at the same time gaining new vocational skills.

The skills program conducted at the centre equips the women to be able to earn a living so that they can support their families. It's been a tough road to this point but the vocational centre is a place of hope, hard work and inspiration. You will be inspired!

Women Taking Ther Place Again

Women Taking Ther Place Again

Future Leaders and the Next Generation

On Day 4, you will be you will be visiting our centre for families where a food kitchen is established for the very young. The centre acts as part of a support system that helps families through the neediest of times.

And an essential part of that is providing meals for young children who need additional nutritional support. And for our guests who have been to the centre previously, it’s a time to catch up with everyone and to see how they are faring. For those guests who will be visiting the centre for the first time, it’s a place where you can get involved in helping prepare the food and to feed the very young.

No place is more touching as this one. And it is so because we can all put ourselves in the situation of what would happen if we couldn’t feed our own families. But through all this, this day is full of enjoyment and satisfaction for everybody involved.

Future Leaders and the Next Generation

Future Leaders and the Next Generation

Lunch with Mama Carole and a Party to End all Parties.

Today is the final day of your incredible journey in Kenya with us. And to make you last day memorable, we are getting together a large group for a party to say thank you and goodbye. In every society, cooking and culture are inextricably linked. Within Kenyan communities, the rhythm of life is influenced by the seasons and what is grown in local gardens throughout the year. It is the freshness and home-grown nature of the produce that results in some of the healthiest food available in any country of the world. And hence we will enjoy a Kenyan banquet.

All the People You Met Will Come to the Party

The party group will be made up of some of the amazing people you have met from the group of grandmothers, women, Maasai, youth and assorted staff that you have spent your days with.

An Image and Video Review

We will review your week in images and hand you up to 150 images and videos that we took for you. The food will be great and we can guarantee a lot of singing and dancing. It will be the perfect Kenyan party to say, 'thank you and farewell".

Singing and Dancing Galore

This is a day to relax and enjoy food grown in the garden within Carole's home. A great way to end this incredible week.

Lunch with Mama Carole and a Party to End all Parties

Lunch with Mama Carole and a Party to End all Parties

Lunch with Mama Carole and a Party to End all Parties


  • 5 Nights accommodation at Palacina Hotel
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) each day
  • Return international airport transfers.
  • Air-conditioned hotel transfers in luxury vehicles to and from our centres. We'll collect you from your Nairobi hotel at a prearranged time and drop you back late afternoon.
  • Please note that your vehicle has charging facilities for your mobile phone and internet for your convenience.
  • A personal guide who is also your driver and One Horizon staff members each day, whose task is to ensure that you enjoy every moment of the day.
  • You will also receive up to 150 images of your adventure as well as videos that capture the moments you will treasure for life.
  • In addition to lunch each day there is unlimited fruit, tea, coffee and water available.
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

We are happy to recommend alternative accommodation options that meet your
requirements during your time with us in Nairobi. Our preferred hotels
are Palacina and Hemingways - If you would like us to explore other options please contact us.


Christina (USA)

star rating

Life Changing Experience!

The best days of my recent trip to Kenya were hands down those that I spent with my guides Mary and Solomon and the amazing women who welcomed me into their home and circle on the One Horizon tours. If you are reading this and wondering if you should take one of the tours offered by OneHorizon, YES! YES YOU SHOULD! If you are chasing experiences to fill you with Awe, the moral beauty of the people you will spend time with on a OneHorizon tour will leave you speechless. Let your tourism dollars directly impact people who live in the country you are visiting. Colin with OneHorizon is a conduit to wonderful people who will use these funds quite efficiently to bring more light into the world. And you will experience the culture of Kenya intimately in a way very few activities could offer. Sign up today! Like me, many tourists make the journey to Kenya to experience the romance of the savannah and see elephants, lions, giraffes and more in their natural habitat. And that was certainly exciting. But what made my time in Kenya unforgettable was the Kenyan people I met. And among the most memorable people was Rosemary, the hardworking grandmother who proudly told me about her life and success as a pig farmer which was started with the help of One Horizon. Rosemary was a wonderful hostess serving me cake and Kenyan tea, chatting, singing and dancing a little while preparing a delicious celebratory lunch together. This experience on the Light on the Horizon tour was a great first day in Kenya. I was also fortunate enough to spend my last day in Nairobi with an utterly amazing group of women at the Living Positively Women’s Empowerment Center. After receiving a diagnosis that marked a distinctive change in their life, they had to let go of who they were before, what they thought their lives would be and, very often, the people they loved and who had shaped them to date. With a blanket of darkness threatening to drown them, they swam away from the dark and towards the light with every ounce of strength they possessed. They were met with beacons of hope and love – the outstretched hands, the welcoming smiles, the songs and dances, the open listening hearts of other women who welcomed them to this new space. Who held them when they felt as if they might sink against the pull below them. These beautiful women may be seeking empowerment, but the feminine power they already possess in abundance is what will change the world in the decades to come. To spend a day in their circle was one of the great privileges of my life.


star rating

Thank you so much for these memories. I'm in awe of your selfless and life-changing efforts. Saving not only these desperate people's physical lives but their souls too through such a simple concept, gaining self-respect and dignity. It was a privilege to hear their life stories. Please pass on our best wishes to all the grandmothers. Amazing and well done."

Ana Ilea

star rating

A very special experience

We had the chance to spend a day with a Masai family whilst in Nairobi, organised by One Horizon. It was a very special and moving experience that we highly recommend to all that are in Nairobi. It is very well organised, from the pick up and drop off to the hotel, to the planned activities on the day, with the Masai family. They were absolutely lovely, welcoming us in their home and sharing with us their ways of life, being equally curious and interested in other cultures and customs as we were in theirs. This is part of One Horizon's project to help the local communities, along other projects that they run. We were very happy to be part of such an amazing experience! Thank you all!


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