It's Happening Now 5 Day Cultural Tour

It's Happening Now <span>5 Day Cultural Tour</span>
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It’s Happening Now is a cultural tour in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB)

On this 5-day tour we invite you to become involved in the sustainability programs that One Horizon supports, which are helping Kenya’s most vulnerable people step away from poverty and towards brighter futures. You visit a children’s feeding centre, an innovative city farm, and a women’s empowerment project, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet and engage with project leaders and various members of the communities who are making wonderful progress in creating a better life for all. This will give you fascinating insights into Kenyan culture that few travelers ever experience and connect with people on a personal level. Also on this amazing cultural tour, you will visit a traditional Maasai village to learn about Kenyan cultures and tribal life, and enjoy a spot of wildlife-watching on a relaxing day trip to beautiful Lake Naivasha.

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  • It’s Happening Now
  • It’s Happening Now
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The International Ecoturism Society

We are a proud member of
The International Ecotourism Society

Which brings together individuals and organisations committed to helping local
communities and the environment.


We'll take you to four communities that travellers seldom visit and the highlight of It’s Happening Now is the genuine interaction you will experience with the locals. It all about the shared experiences you will uncover, the stories and laughter and bond you will develop with your new friends. You'll also see how Kenyan families are merging contemporary ways with traditional practices that will leave you inspired

Help at a Soup Kitchen

Getting involved in helping disadvantaged communities is both an opportunity to engage with local people and a rewarding way for travellers to contribute to alleviating the problems of poverty in Kenya. Today you visit a children’s centre on the outskirts of Nairobi supported by One Horizon, which provides the kids with their only regular meal each day. You lend a hand by helping to prepare and distribute nutritious food, and in return will receive beautiful, happy smiles and witness firsthand how communities work together to help the hungry and most vulnerable.

Help at a Soup Kitchen

They Said It Can’t Be Done

In a developing area to the west of Nairobi, visit the Women's Empowerment Centre, which is another worthwhile project One Horizon supports. Here, local women in the area undertake an 18-month program that teaches them trade and entrepreneurial skills so they can set up their own businesses. The results have been phenomenal as the mothers are able to lift themselves out of poverty, keep their families together and transform into independent business owners and community leaders. You meet and learn from some of the proud, self-sufficient women who are involved in this inspirational program.

They Said It Can’t Be Done

The Hippos of Lake Naivasha

Today drive west of Nairobi to Lake Naivasha, Kenya's most beautiful freshwater lake surrounded by peaceful grassy banks and fringed by thick papyrus. Along the way, stop at a roadside lookout for the stunning views over Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, and arrive at a lovely lakeside lodge in huge grounds studded with acacia trees and perhaps spot the odd antelope or vervet monkey. Catch a small boat to view the pods of hippos and abundant birdlife that Naivasha is so famous for, then back at the lodge enjoy a delicious leisurely lunch and relaxing swim in the pool before returning to Nairobi in the late afternoon.

The Hippos of Lake Naivasha

Grandmothers Love Their Pigs

Kenyan grandmothers play a vital role in keeping families together in difficult economic circumstances. Visit a local grandmother’s pig farm and discover how pig-husbandry provides food and financial support and the bio-gas system creates energy out of the waste to power a home. This is another worthwhile project that One Horizon supports, and the initiative aims to empower grandmothers through small-scale farming. Sit with them over a cup of local tea and enjoy some joyful singing and dancing and listen to their powerful stories about resilience.

Grandmothers Love Their Pigs

Become a Maasai for the Day

Spend an amazing day as an honorary Maasai by visiting a family in their village who have lived the traditional Maasai way of life for generations. It starts with a song and dance welcome where the wife of a village elder will offer to dress you in traditional Maasai Shuka cloth or ‘African blanket’. Learn about traditional rites of passage from the male children of the family, or young morans, who will teach you how to throw a traditional spear and the techniques needed to survive in the bush, and listen to fascinating folklore stories told by Maasai elders.

One Horizon Team Dinners

On days 2 and 4 of this tour, we enjoy dinner at the restaurants the locals love in Nairobi – we always have lots of fun and it’s a great opportunity to discuss and ask us all the questions that come to mind about the various communities and projects we visit.

Become a Maasai for the Day


  • 4 nights accommodation at Palacina – 5 stars
  • 2 dinners with the One Horizon team at Nairobi restaurants on Days 2 and 4.
  • Light luncheons daily and unlimited fruit, tea, coffee and bottled water.
  • Air conditioned car transfers – each day we'll collect you from your hotel at 9 am and drop you back at about 5 pm. On the days that include team dinners, we'll pick you up at about 7 pm and return you to your hotel after the evening's activities.
  • One Horizon staff with you every step of the way.
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

We are happy to recommend alternative accommodation options that meet your
requirements during your time with us in Nairobi. Our preferred hotels
are Palacina and Hemingways - If you would like us to explore other options please contact us.




A great time!

I didn’t want to come to Kenya and just see the animals I wanted also to connect with people and One Horizon Africa has giving me my wish. I picked the 5 days experiences package and it was a mind-blowing, humbling an eye-opening experience. Not only the people who work at One Horizon are the kindest people. Mary, Solomon took care of me for a week. I felt I gained a family. The work they do to help empowering women, feeding and educating children, giving grandmothers the tool to support their grandkids and the support given to the Maasai community is exceptional. This the best way to spend your vacation. One Horizon makes you become a responsible traveler and the experience will stay with you always. I intend to stay in connection with this group of fabulous people. If One Horizon changes life in Kenya, it will change yours as well.


Janis, USA

This is an amazing cultural experience. The organization ONE HORIZON has a very worthwhile effort to give Kenyan grandmas a chance to learn a skill that should allow them the opportunity at supporting, feeding and educating their grandchildren. They are happy learning business skills and proud to share their life stories.


Valerie, USA

I had an amazing day. I learned a lot about the Masai and hearing (our host's) story was moving. I'm so glad I had the pleasure of spending time with her and her family.


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