Spotting Hippos on Lake Naivasha 1 Day Cultural Tour

Spotting Hippos on Lake Naivasha <span>1 Day Cultural Tour</span>
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This experience of boating on Lake Naivasha to observe the hippo herds is one of the most exciting and at the same time satisfying days you can ever spend in Kenya.

For a start, its just a short 90-minutes' drive to Lake Naivasha. The second largest freshwater lake in Kenya and home to an industry of fisherman who you will see casting their nets in the lake. And the imagery of the local fisherman casting their nets as they wade through chest high water, is a sight that few outsiders ever see.

Lake Naivasha is home not only to hippo herds but an array of birdlife which will enthral bird lovers with some brilliant photographic opportunities. We spend on hour on the lake viewing the herds and then alighting on the shore to observe the hippos as they forage on the land.

Plenty of fresh air and a relaxing day will give you a healthy appetite and at around mid-day it's off to Sopa Lodge and a great lunch and opportunity to enjoy even more wildlife. Often giraffe, zebra and water buck pass through the grounds of the lodge. And after lunch it's time to wander the grounds or perhaps you will be inclined to take a dip in the swimming pool which are so enticing before an mid afternoon return to Nairobi and your hotel.

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It's a great drive up to Lake Naivasha from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. And along the way we stop at the Great Rift Valley Lookout. The view from the lookout is spectacular as the Rift Valley's expanse comes into view and before we head down into the valley and the lake.

Arriving in Lake Naivasha we head straight for our departure point and onto our boat for 90 minutes on the lake. Have your camera ever ready as the herds of hippos will enthral you with their interactions and leisurely pace of their lives. And if capturing images of the hippos will keep you busy, we then alight on the shore for an up-close encounter with these magnificent lake ambassadors. As they come ashore to feed on the green shoots that fringe the lake, you get an appreciation of the size of the hippos and their demeanour.

Building up a healthy appetite means we will retreat to Sopa Lodge which is perhaps the most famous lodge on the lake and one renown for the ambience of its restaurant and the beautiful surrounds of the lodge. With a bit of luck you will see the stunning colobus monkeys as well as giraffe, zebras and water buck that pass through the grounds of the lodge.

Spotting Hippos on Lake Naivasha

And following lunch its time for a leisurely stroll around the grounds observing the wildlife or perhaps you would prefer a dip in the pool to- finish off a great day before heading back to Nairobi.

Spotting Hippos on Lake Naivasha

We return to your hotel arriving at approximately 5.30pm

Spotting Hippos on Lake Naivasha


  • Air-conditioned transport in luxury vehicle. We collect you at 9am from your Nairobi hotel and drop you back at about 5.30pm. Along the way we'll show you some amazing sights as we make a short stop at the GREAT RIFT VALLEY viewpoint.
  • Your vehicle is a luxury vehicle for your comfort.
  • A motorized, covered boat ride for 60 minutes on Lake Naivasha.
  • Lunch at Sopa Lodge Resort on Lake Naivasha.
  • Unlimited water.
  • 30 – 40 images of your time at Lake Naivasha.
  • Your vehicle has on board internet and charging stations for your phones and laptops so that you are never out of contact.
  • Your driver is also your guide for the day.
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

We are happy to recommend alternative accommodation options that meet your
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star rating

Thank you so much for these memories. I'm in awe of your selfless and life-changing efforts. Saving not only these desperate people's physical lives but their souls too through such a simple concept, gaining self-respect and dignity. It was a privilege to hear their life stories. Please pass on our best wishes to all the grandmothers. Amazing and well done."

Ana Ilea

star rating

A very special experience

We had the chance to spend a day with a Masai family whilst in Nairobi, organised by One Horizon. It was a very special and moving experience that we highly recommend to all that are in Nairobi. It is very well organised, from the pick up and drop off to the hotel, to the planned activities on the day, with the Masai family. They were absolutely lovely, welcoming us in their home and sharing with us their ways of life, being equally curious and interested in other cultures and customs as we were in theirs. This is part of One Horizon's project to help the local communities, along other projects that they run. We were very happy to be part of such an amazing experience! Thank you all!

Deandre Whitney

star rating

Solomon & Mary were phenomenal!!!

We had the pleasure of having Solomon & Mary as our tour guides and they were very knowledgeable and phenomenal. Visiting the Giraffe Manor, Elephant Orphanage, and spending time with the Kikuyu Grandmothers at the Pig Farms gave us the ultimate experience. One that we will not forget. Thank you for making our trip to Kenya memorable not only for my wife and I, but also for our 3 kids.


star rating


I have been to Africa many times, and this was the first time I left feeling as though I’d truly got an insight into the lives of those who live there. Each project I visited showed me another side of life, the days were very well organised, and everyone at One Horizon and those who are part of the programs made me feel so welcome and looked after. The One Horizon team also went above and beyond to help me sort out matters that arose outside of their tours, their kindness and flexibility made a huge difference. Thank you for the work you do, for your love and care for those around you and for 3 magical days in Kenya.

Ashley M

star rating

Best tour in Kenya

This was the MOST IMPACTFUL thing I did on my whole tour of Africa. I loved meeting these amazing women and learning about the beautiful community of support they have built for one another. I got some amazing, meaningful souvenirs and such a warm, heartful welcome. I heard stories of hope and strength and learned how small acts of kindness could have such a ripple effect of positivity. My tour guide Solomon was so amazing, and I loved our conversations and all he taught me. I felt like I made great friends and would recommend this tour to anyone coming to Kenya! I went at the beginning of my trip, and it was a great introduction to the country.


star rating

The grandmothers were simply amazing!

This tour is a must! To experience the lives of the Kenyan people in this most authentic way is priceless. I loved hearing about these women’s stories. They are a true testament of strength and triumph rising above all adversity. One Horizon, a local non-profit, has helped these women see another side of life, a way out of poverty to care for their families. It’s about women empowerment and the ability to fend for themselves through entrepreneurship. Learning how to make chapattis was so much fun. It felt like how I learned to cook with my own grandmother. We ate, laughed, and listened to each other’s stories. I definitely bonded with these women, and in complete awe of their growth and progress through the foundation. Keep up the great work!


star rating

What a marvellous day...

My daughter and I were in Kenya for a holiday, going on Safari and we added a few extra days in Nairobi to explore. We were lucky to come across One Horizon who support the ladies at Living Positive- Kenya centre. The centre provides an 18 month program for ladies who are struggling in all aspects of their lives and simple can have nothing!! We spent the day listening to the ladies, who were very brave in opening up about the past and sharing their stories... We then shared with them their skills, that they had learnt since being at the centre... craft, baking, making clocks etc.,...We could have sat for hours, chatting to the ladies, as they made us feel very welcome. The lady who runs the centre is called Mary, and my instincts told me as soon as I met her, that everyone calls her MUM... and within minutes of her talking, you could see and feel why... She is the Mum to so many of these amazing ladies, and Mary gives them strength and hope...One lady said to me” if you have Hope – you have everything” – and how very true she is. Whilst spending the day with the ladies, we made chapatti’s and cooked lunch together, which we all then sat and enjoyed around the table. This day will stay with me for the rest of my life and even since I have been back home, I think of them often and wish them peace, courage, strength and hope... Thank you One Horizon for supporting these wonderful ladies and giving us the chance to spend the day with them, over lunch. One Horizon run out of the ordinary trips, which gives you a better understanding of the culture of Kenya, and not through rose coloured glasses. If you are thinking of going... Please do, they will make you feel extremely welcome.

Amazing experience

star rating

Amazing experience

One Horizon Africa is such a great organization who helps poor communities establish sustainable food sources here in Kenya. Our guide, Carol took us to a village of the Kikuyu tribe on the outskirts of Nairobi to get a first-hand look at their way of life. We sat with them, cooked and ate with them, they told us stories (translated from Swahili by our guide), they braided my hair, they hugged us and wouldn’t let go. It was a heart-warming day. In Kenya, many people live in a state of absolute poverty. If a woman cannot feed her children, she either gives them away as servants, the girls are forced into marriage / sold to a man (for about $50), or they are left with the grandmother. So… many Kenyan grandmothers are raising their grandkids with very little resources. This organization helps them to escape the poverty cycle by giving them a few piglets, training them to raise pigs and run their business… and after selling a few litters of piglets, they start to gain traction out of poverty. They even have a local veterinarian who services the animals. Our tour money bought 5 piglets for a grandmother who has been on the waiting list for a long time. Pigs breed quickly- one litter of 11-14 piglets every 3 months, so these 5 piglets will literally pull her entire family line out of poverty now and for generations to come. If you are coming to Nairobi, this is something you can’t miss.


star rating

Heart Warming tour

Our final tour in Kenya was a visit to a pig farm by Colin Murray, founder and unsung hero saving the vulnerable Kenyan elderly from poverty. We were overwhelmed and touched by Colins’ deeds and his commitment to help the poor and vulnerable of Kenya. This was more than just a tour fee, it was a life changing donation and an uplifting experience for these elderly women and their communities. Colin’s charity ‘One Horizon’ helps by unlocking the shackles of poverty and eliminating anxiety and fear for marginalised elders living in disadvantaged communities. They do this by raising and selling piglets via a local co-op at guaranteed prices, thus generating cash for their communities. Most interesting is that the biogas (methane) from the back-end of these pigs, produces enough fuels for cooking and heating for a community of 300 people. This is achieved as the pig manure is shovelled into a large tent that produces fermented methane gas which is then piped to the local community. This eliminates the need to illegally chop down trees and pay exorbitant gas prices. We willingly sponsored a methane tent. This tour will change the way you think and the proceeds are directed to uplifting living standards for a community. Highly Recommended


star rating

An inspirational - and enjoyable - day

What an incredible experience! I took part in the Farm to Feast tour and was still thinking about it days afterwards. The charity One Horizon uses the money from its tours to provide Grandmas with piglets or chickens which they can breed and then sell. This enables these women to generate their own income and escape from crippling poverty. Our group met 4 Grandmas who have benefited from this project. We were picked up from our hotels and taken to the homes of these women – a rare and rewarding opportunity to see how local people live. The Grandmas were incredibly warm and welcoming. It was humbling and sobering to hear about the hardships they’d suffered before One Horizon changed their lives – and those of their families. They can now afford to send their children and grandchildren to school and no longer live from hand-to-mouth. But it was also a fun outing – we learnt about how they care for their animals, cooked a traditional lunch together and they sang for us. A truly memorable experience and an extremely uplifting day out. Through its various tours One Horizon provides a range of humanitarian programmes. If I return to Kenya, I will definitely do another tour with them. Their guides were fantastic too – very informative and friendly. And by taking part in the tour I really felt that I was making a big difference to the lives of people. I would highly recommend taking part in one of these tours – it will be a highlight of your trip to Kenya.

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