Leadership Program

Leadership Program

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Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership

This program is aimed at developing the leadership skills of our youth.

Social Awareness and Personal Growth Through Consensus building, Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration.

These are the all-important life skills we want to impart and enhance with our young people. Now imagine a workshop, an experience where these abilities are clarified and fostered within the daily life of another culture half a world away.

Picture your students in a Maasai community meeting their peers, village elders, and Maasai warriors, absorbing this ancient culture up close, and having the opportunity to work with these new friends in settings designed to foster their personal development.

Working individually and as a cohesive group, students are helped and challenged by One Horizon facilitators to explore solutions to everyday human interactions that are as relevant in a Maasai village as they are back home.

Youth Leadership Program1
Youth Leadership Program2

Through this process, your students will discover the commonalities in differing cultures and take an inward journey to explore how they respond in challenging situations, gaining a better understanding of their own identity. And perhaps some insights into their personal goals.

Following these powerful workshops, the students will spend several immersive days in Maasai and Kikuyu communities and farms, meeting the people, and learning more about them through dialogue but also through joyful moments of singing and dancing.

Then, in perhaps the highlight of the week, your students will meet and interact with a community of Kikuyu grandmothers, the traditional bedrock of Kenyan society.

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Youth Leadership Program4

Supporting their families by raising pigs and chickens, the grandmas will demonstrate these skills and the work that goes into running a successful farm. Students can help the grandmas with their chores as they pose questions and learn about Kenyan society, family dynamics, and perhaps reflect on their families back home and their own grandmas.

Rounding out their days of community involvement, your students will shift roles and perspectives as they take on the responsibilities of temporary caregivers for younger children. Donning aprons at a nutrition center, they will help prepare meals for children three to twelve, as well as helping to feed the youngest.

During these immersive days of learning and service, the students will feed close to 250 children, providing their primary sustenance, in repeated acts of kindness that will nourish their new sense of empowerment.

Youth Leadership Program
Youth Leadership Program6
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