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The journey to improving lives

One Horizon’s model of sustainable and responsible tourism has gained an international reputation for supportingKenya’s communities in needand providing unique and memorable experiences for travellers

Earlier Days

The seeds for One Horizon were planted when two travelling Australians looked for a way to help solve the problems of poverty in Africa.

They approached a needy and impoverishedcommunity to ask if they could start a feeding program. The answer was yes and the results were immediate.Next they introduced an education program to the school and worked to ensure it was on par with the curriculum offered in more privileged African schools. On the back of this success, they knew they had to look for other ways to help the disadvantaged and find ways to break Africa’s generational cycle of poverty.

Again they approached the community, and this time to ask if they could introduce training programs that would enable vulnerable women to start sustainable businesses so they could keep their families together.Their innovative programs all centred around forming strong partnerships with local African communities and providing African people with opportunities to take ownership of changing their lives. Their approach resonated with community leaders, who embraced the opportunity, and the programs began to have a phenomenal impact on the welfare and prospects of people helped by these grassroots social enterprises.

One Horizon wanted to take more poverty-alleviating programs into more communities and found a way to do this by getting other travellersinvolved. By creating unique tour experiences for people from around the world, One Horizon was born…holidays that change lives.

Present Day

Today One Horizon has, on average, about 50 different programs, some of which help entire communities by providing them with a daily meal, irrigation, fresh water, electricity, bio-gas and ablution facilities as well as housing resettlement projects and vocational training.

The people they help vary from grandmother-headed households and young mothers raising families on their own, to the Maasai dealing with challenges to their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle, and marginalised women who have become homeless.

One Horizon does not dictate to local communities what needs to be done. Decision-making is left in the hands of the communities who need to determine their own future and how to achieve it. But through the programs we identify,encourage and operationalise, the end result is that small businesses are set up which creates jobs and stimulates economic outlook and benefits the communities immensely. This involves bringing local people together and harnessing collective action to facilitate the process and help people on their journey out of poverty.

One Horizon creates inspirational and enlightening tours for like-minded social responsible travellers who want to get involved. We bring diverse communities together and travellers can take a hands-on shared role and be intimately linked with delivering the benefits…holidays that change lives.

The Kenyan Tourist Board (KTB) has accredited One Horizon’s tours as part of its Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences.

On Horizon is a not-for-profit organization registered in Kenya, and donates the money it receives to help fund the programs’ objectives and goals, and is non-denominational and apolitical.

The International Ecoturism Society

We are a proud member of
The International Ecotourism Society

Which brings together individuals and organisations committed to helping local communities and the environment.

Unique tour experiences for people
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Our Story

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