It's Happening Now 5 Days Tour

It's Happening Now <span>5 Days Tour</span>
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We invite you to become involved in One Horizon's Sustainability Programs that are helping Kenya's most vulnerable people step away from poverty towards brighter futures.

Whether we're visiting a traditional Masai village, a farm or city community, you'll engage meet with people and gain penetrating insights into Kenyan culture that few tourists ever experience. You'll also witness first hand that it really is possible to solve poverty.

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The International Ecoturism Society

We are a proud member of
The International Ecotourism Society

Which brings together individuals and organisations committed to helping local
communities and the environment.


We'll take you to two communities that travellers seldom visit and the highlight of Family Ties is the genuine interaction you will experience, the shared experiences you will uncover and the stories and laughter.

You'll also see how Kenyan families are merging contemporary ways with the.

Help at Soup Kitchen

Get a feel for life in a local impoverished community and their struggle to eat a meal a day. Visit a children’s center that One Horizon helps, providing the kids with their only regular meal. The funds for these meals come from travelers like yourself by supporting our organisation on these trips into the communities. Lend a hand at the center and feel the reward of helping feed the hungry kids when you receive a beautiful grin in return. A truly satisfying experience that help the families in the area survive.

They Said It Can't Be Done

Spend an incredible day with amazing Kenyan women who have managed to overcome the most difficult challenges that life can bring. You will visit a vocation and lifestyle training center where the local woman in the area undertake an 18 month program that help equip them with the skills they need to support their families. A chance to meet the woman and get a feel for the sense of community as you discover how they work together to better their futures. The experience will allow you to walk away with a new perspective on life.

The Hippos of Lake Navaisha

Today you will make your way to Lake Naivasha on a short drive out of Nairobi. Along the way you will stop at the Great Rift Valley lookout for stunning views of the Masai Mara. Arrive at Sopa Lodge on the shores of the lake where you will catch a transfer to a skiff that will take you to see some of the hippos. Enjoy some game viewing with a different perspective as you spot the various animals on the shore from the water. Later head back to the lodge for lunch and a swim in the pool before returning to Nairobi in the late afternoon.

Grandmas Love Their Pigs

Today you will visit another local community for the chance to meet some of the entrepreneurial Kenyan grandmothers. Grandmothers are an integral part of Kenyan families and play a vital role in keeping them together. They help raise their grandchildren and provide a home and meal to more then one generation. Visit a local pig farm and discover the bio-gas system that helps create energy out of the waste the pigs make in order to power a home. Sit with the grandmothers and listen to their stories in between some singing and dancing. A inspirational day as you learn how resilient people can be.

Become a Masai For Day

Venture into Maasai country where you will meet a family who have lived in a traditional Maasai community for generations. Your host will be one of the village elders, an heir to his clan and meet his wife and children too. The male children of the family are young morans, the traditional defenders of the tribe. Learn about their traditional rites of passage while also discovering the intricacies of the Maasai family structure. An amazing day where you will get the chance to become an honorary Maasai, learn how to throw a traditional spear and immerse yourself in an ancient culture.

One Horizon Team Dinners

On days 2 and 4 we'll also venture into the hub of Nairobi city as night falls to enjoy dinner at restaurants the locals love - we always have a lot of fun and it's also a chance for you to ask us all the questions that come to mind as you engage with the various communities we visit.


  • 2 dinners with the One Horizon team at Nairobi restaurants on Days 2 and 4.
  • Light luncheons daily and unlimited fruit, tea, coffee and bottled water.
  • Air conditioned car transfers – each day we'll collect you from your hotel at 9 am and drop you back at about 5 pm. On the days that include team dinners, we'll pick you up at about 7 pm and return you to your hotel after the evening's activities.
  • One Horizon staff with you every step of the way.
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

We are happy to recommend alternative accommodation options that meet your
requirements during your time with us in Nairobi. Two of our preferred hotels
are Palacina and Hemingways - if you'd like to find out more please connect with
us here.



Janis, USA

This is an amazing cultural experience. The organization ONE HORIZON has a very worthwhile effort to give Kenyan grandmas a chance to learn a skill that should allow them the opportunity at supporting, feeding and educating their grandchildren. They are happy learning business skills and proud to share their life stories.


Valerie, USA

I had an amazing day. I learned a lot about the Masai and hearing (our host's) story was moving. I'm so glad I had the pleasure of spending time with her and her family.

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