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Davi Mozie

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Inspiring Journey

This was so much more than a tour, it was an inspiring journey. My time with One Horizon Africa and the grannies was an experience filled with immense joy and meaning. I initially booked Go Granny Go because as a new grandmother and aspiring farmer, I thought it would be great to meet others who share similar identities. The experience was so much more than I imagined. There was an amazing energy from the time Solomon and Mary picked me up and throughout the entire day. Helen, Beatrice, and Carol put so much love into showing me around, sharing stories, and cooking lunch that I couldn’t help but dance and sing along. During our time together I was overcome with deep gratitude when hearing the life experiences of the grannies. They are an inspiring group. Resilience, perseverance, courage and strength are just a few words to describe the lives of these amazing women and the energy I departed with. It felt good to contribute to enriching the livelihoods of generations to come in a purposeful way. Thank you to the One Horizon Africa team and the grannies for creating such a meaningful experience and heartfelt memories.

Di and Steve Shaw (Australia)

star rating

Outstanding experience

Today we got to visit the drop in facility for street kids in one part of Nairobi run by One Horizon. What a privilege. We watched the kids perform some welcome items, visited their classrooms and read some stories about some Australian kids and animals, helped prepare lunch and serve it to them and participated in an art activity and face painting. Watching happy faces and learning about their plight and the great work of One Horizon from its founder and being hosted by Mary and Solomon was fantastic. I encourage you to take up the opportunity to visit when you come to Nairobi. Thanks for the experience.

Iona (Romania)

star rating

An exquisite experience

As a European, this experience was absolutely fantastic! The people I met, the things I’ve heard and seen, all was overwhelming. It was also definitely an energy exchange, a great communication and a lovely atmosphere overall. The hosts were more than welcoming and I truly hope I also able to bring something in this exchange with the hosts. One Horizon was perfectly organising everything and the staff that accompanied me were very friendly and paying attention constantly to my comfort and well-being. So, a really exquisite experience!

Kennedy Family

star rating

Everyone who visits Kenya should do this

We had our One Horizon experience on the first day of our two-week Safari holiday in Kenya. Visiting the grandmothers and learning about their challenges was one of the best parts of the whole trip. We highly recommend this to anyone visiting – it gives you a different perspective on the great people of Kenya and the challenges they face. We visited two grandmothers and their pig farm project on the outskirts of Kenya. Our family with two teenage children were given an amazing welcome by our hosts. We were shown the pigs, the biogas plant and all the other improvements that One Horizon have helped with. We helped to feed the pigs and make chapatis which was hands-on and great fun. We then had a chance to hear the full story from our hosts and how, with help from One Horizon, they have turned their lives around. Highly advised for anyone.

Christina (USA)

star rating

Life Changing Experience!

The best days of my recent trip to Kenya were hands down those that I spent with my guides Mary and Solomon and the amazing women who welcomed me into their home and circle on the One Horizon tours. If you are reading this and wondering if you should take one of the tours offered by OneHorizon, YES! YES YOU SHOULD! If you are chasing experiences to fill you with Awe, the moral beauty of the people you will spend time with on a OneHorizon tour will leave you speechless. Let your tourism dollars directly impact people who live in the country you are visiting. Colin with OneHorizon is a conduit to wonderful people who will use these funds quite efficiently to bring more light into the world. And you will experience the culture of Kenya intimately in a way very few activities could offer. Sign up today! Like me, many tourists make the journey to Kenya to experience the romance of the savannah and see elephants, lions, giraffes and more in their natural habitat. And that was certainly exciting. But what made my time in Kenya unforgettable was the Kenyan people I met. And among the most memorable people was Rosemary, the hardworking grandmother who proudly told me about her life and success as a pig farmer which was started with the help of One Horizon. Rosemary was a wonderful hostess serving me cake and Kenyan tea, chatting, singing and dancing a little while preparing a delicious celebratory lunch together. This experience on the Light on the Horizon tour was a great first day in Kenya. I was also fortunate enough to spend my last day in Nairobi with an utterly amazing group of women at the Living Positively Women’s Empowerment Center. After receiving a diagnosis that marked a distinctive change in their life, they had to let go of who they were before, what they thought their lives would be and, very often, the people they loved and who had shaped them to date. With a blanket of darkness threatening to drown them, they swam away from the dark and towards the light with every ounce of strength they possessed. They were met with beacons of hope and love – the outstretched hands, the welcoming smiles, the songs and dances, the open listening hearts of other women who welcomed them to this new space. Who held them when they felt as if they might sink against the pull below them. These beautiful women may be seeking empowerment, but the feminine power they already possess in abundance is what will change the world in the decades to come. To spend a day in their circle was one of the great privileges of my life.


star rating

Thank you so much for these memories. I'm in awe of your selfless and life-changing efforts. Saving not only these desperate people's physical lives but their souls too through such a simple concept, gaining self-respect and dignity. It was a privilege to hear their life stories. Please pass on our best wishes to all the grandmothers. Amazing and well done."

Ana Ilea

star rating

A very special experience

We had the chance to spend a day with a Masai family whilst in Nairobi, organised by One Horizon. It was a very special and moving experience that we highly recommend to all that are in Nairobi. It is very well organised, from the pick up and drop off to the hotel, to the planned activities on the day, with the Masai family. They were absolutely lovely, welcoming us in their home and sharing with us their ways of life, being equally curious and interested in other cultures and customs as we were in theirs. This is part of One Horizon's project to help the local communities, along other projects that they run. We were very happy to be part of such an amazing experience! Thank you all!

Deandre Whitney

star rating

Solomon & Mary were phenomenal!!!

We had the pleasure of having Solomon & Mary as our tour guides and they were very knowledgeable and phenomenal. Visiting the Giraffe Manor, Elephant Orphanage, and spending time with the Kikuyu Grandmothers at the Pig Farms gave us the ultimate experience. One that we will not forget. Thank you for making our trip to Kenya memorable not only for my wife and I, but also for our 3 kids.


star rating


I have been to Africa many times, and this was the first time I left feeling as though I’d truly got an insight into the lives of those who live there. Each project I visited showed me another side of life, the days were very well organised, and everyone at One Horizon and those who are part of the programs made me feel so welcome and looked after. The One Horizon team also went above and beyond to help me sort out matters that arose outside of their tours, their kindness and flexibility made a huge difference. Thank you for the work you do, for your love and care for those around you and for 3 magical days in Kenya.

Ashley M

star rating

Best tour in Kenya

This was the MOST IMPACTFUL thing I did on my whole tour of Africa. I loved meeting these amazing women and learning about the beautiful community of support they have built for one another. I got some amazing, meaningful souvenirs and such a warm, heartful welcome. I heard stories of hope and strength and learned how small acts of kindness could have such a ripple effect of positivity. My tour guide Solomon was so amazing, and I loved our conversations and all he taught me. I felt like I made great friends and would recommend this tour to anyone coming to Kenya! I went at the beginning of my trip, and it was a great introduction to the country.


star rating

The grandmothers were simply amazing!

This tour is a must! To experience the lives of the Kenyan people in this most authentic way is priceless. I loved hearing about these women’s stories. They are a true testament of strength and triumph rising above all adversity. One Horizon, a local non-profit, has helped these women see another side of life, a way out of poverty to care for their families. It’s about women empowerment and the ability to fend for themselves through entrepreneurship. Learning how to make chapattis was so much fun. It felt like how I learned to cook with my own grandmother. We ate, laughed, and listened to each other’s stories. I definitely bonded with these women, and in complete awe of their growth and progress through the foundation. Keep up the great work!


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What a marvellous day….

My daughter and I were in Kenya for a holiday, going on Safari and we added a few extra days in Nairobi to explore. We were lucky to come across One Horizon who support the ladies at Living Positive- Kenya centre. The centre provides an 18 month program for ladies who are struggling in all aspects of their lives and simple can have nothing!! We spent the day listening to the ladies, who were very brave in opening up about the past and sharing their stories….. We then shared with them their skills, that they had learnt since being at the centre……. craft, baking, making clocks etc.,….We could have sat for hours, chatting to the ladies, as they made us feel very welcome. The lady who runs the centre is called Mary, and my instincts told me as soon as I met her, that everyone calls her MUM…… and within minutes of her talking, you could see and feel why…… She is the Mum to so many of these amazing ladies, and Mary gives them strength and hope……One lady said to me” if you have Hope – you have everything” – and how very true she is. Whilst spending the day with the ladies, we made chapatti’s and cooked lunch together, which we all then sat and enjoyed around the table. This day will stay with me for the rest of my life and even since I have been back home, I think of them often and wish them peace, courage, strength and hope…….. Thank you One Horizon for supporting these wonderful ladies and giving us the chance to spend the day with them, over lunch. One Horizon run out of the ordinary trips, which gives you a better understanding of the culture of Kenya, and not through rose coloured glasses. If you are thinking of going….. Please do, they will make you feel extremely welcome.

Amazing experience

star rating

Amazing experience

One Horizon Africa is such a great organization who helps poor communities establish sustainable food sources here in Kenya. Our guide, Carol took us to a village of the Kikuyu tribe on the outskirts of Nairobi to get a first-hand look at their way of life. We sat with them, cooked and ate with them, they told us stories (translated from Swahili by our guide), they braided my hair, they hugged us and wouldn’t let go. It was a heart-warming day. In Kenya, many people live in a state of absolute poverty. If a woman cannot feed her children, she either gives them away as servants, the girls are forced into marriage / sold to a man (for about $50), or they are left with the grandmother. So… many Kenyan grandmothers are raising their grandkids with very little resources. This organization helps them to escape the poverty cycle by giving them a few piglets, training them to raise pigs and run their business… and after selling a few litters of piglets, they start to gain traction out of poverty. They even have a local veterinarian who services the animals. Our tour money bought 5 piglets for a grandmother who has been on the waiting list for a long time. Pigs breed quickly- one litter of 11-14 piglets every 3 months, so these 5 piglets will literally pull her entire family line out of poverty now and for generations to come. If you are coming to Nairobi, this is something you can’t miss.


star rating

Heart Warming tour

Our final tour in Kenya was a visit to a pig farm by Colin Murray, founder and unsung hero saving the vulnerable Kenyan elderly from poverty. We were overwhelmed and touched by Colins’ deeds and his commitment to help the poor and vulnerable of Kenya. This was more than just a tour fee, it was a life changing donation and an uplifting experience for these elderly women and their communities. Colin’s charity ‘One Horizon’ helps by unlocking the shackles of poverty and eliminating anxiety and fear for marginalised elders living in disadvantaged communities. They do this by raising and selling piglets via a local co-op at guaranteed prices, thus generating cash for their communities. Most interesting is that the biogas (methane) from the back-end of these pigs, produces enough fuels for cooking and heating for a community of 300 people. This is achieved as the pig manure is shovelled into a large tent that produces fermented methane gas which is then piped to the local community. This eliminates the need to illegally chop down trees and pay exorbitant gas prices. We willingly sponsored a methane tent. This tour will change the way you think and the proceeds are directed to uplifting living standards for a community. Highly Recommended


star rating

An inspirational - and enjoyable - day

What an incredible experience! I took part in the Farm to Feast tour and was still thinking about it days afterwards. The charity One Horizon uses the money from its tours to provide Grandmas with piglets or chickens which they can breed and then sell. This enables these women to generate their own income and escape from crippling poverty. Our group met 4 Grandmas who have benefited from this project. We were picked up from our hotels and taken to the homes of these women – a rare and rewarding opportunity to see how local people live. The Grandmas were incredibly warm and welcoming. It was humbling and sobering to hear about the hardships they’d suffered before One Horizon changed their lives – and those of their families. They can now afford to send their children and grandchildren to school and no longer live from hand-to-mouth. But it was also a fun outing – we learnt about how they care for their animals, cooked a traditional lunch together and they sang for us. A truly memorable experience and an extremely uplifting day out. Through its various tours One Horizon provides a range of humanitarian programmes. If I return to Kenya, I will definitely do another tour with them. Their guides were fantastic too – very informative and friendly. And by taking part in the tour I really felt that I was making a big difference to the lives of people. I would highly recommend taking part in one of these tours – it will be a highlight of your trip to Kenya.


star rating

Masai Magic Tour was absolutely fantastic!!!

Did the Masai Magic. So wonderful!!! Guides, Mary and Solomon were delightful and funny. We laughed the whole drive to the village. Masai family were lovely, fun and welcoming!!! I would definitely definitely do this tour, again!


star rating

Seeing the resilience of African women, up close and personal

My experience with the day tour Farm to Feast in Nairobi was one of the highlights of my month-long travel in Africa. Listening to and interacting with such resilient women, whose life stories were incredibly challenging, deepened my admiration and respect for them, their culture, and the organizations that work with them, like One Horizon. Our local guide, Solomon, was one of the kindest and most knowledgeable men I met during my travels. I highly recommend this opportunity - you really get a feel for the lives of Kenyan women, their struggles and the enterprising ways they are lifting themselves up.


star rating

Authentic and emotional

We were lucky enough to participate in a One Horizon experience with "The Grannies" on the first day of our Intrepid Travel overland safari journey through Kenya and Tanzania. From their enthusiastic musical welcome to the Grannies’ sobering stories of their difficult lives and how One Horizon’s pig program has helped them keep their families together, it was a lovely and emotional few hours.


star rating

Amazing memory of my life

One horizon has absolutely took me on the best trip of my life. Everyone was absolutely amazing to me, the service and guidance and story was heart-warming and provided me with so much perspective in life that will always be treasured and valuable to me. I’ve missed Kenya ever since and when I go back there I will definitely go to one horizon the team again. Absolutely recommend and loved every second!


star rating

Absolutely Outstanding Experience

I've had the privilege to travel all over the world and have had many different types of experiences. My wife and I are both professionals and we, along with our two children age 13 and 10, joined the team from One Horizon Africa for a private tour in Nairobi. It was an absolutely fantastic experience. The work he does to help those in need in Kenya is absolutely outstanding. We had the opportunity to interact with several people from his organization and all were fantastic. The highlight was the visit to the Maasai homes. It was very genuine and heartfelt. It was not your typical tourist experience. My children did not want to leave when the time to go had arrived. The One Horizon vehicles were exceptional and we felt 100% safe the entire time. If you have a free day in Nairobi I would absolutely recommend this over the typical recommended activities which include the giraffe center and elephants. While these are entertaining they are nowhere near the level of cultural immersion you’ll get out of the One Horizon team. We absolutely will recommend them to our friends and will visit again when we are back.


star rating

Great window into the lives of ordinary Kenyans

We spent three days in Nairobi volunteering with One Horizon, which combines donations with volunteer opportunities. We helped cook lunch in the Kikuyu township each day, twice for groups of children and once for a group of grandmas. Each meal was similar, rice or pasta, fried cabbage, a thin beef and vegetable soup and chapatis. We picked pebbles and dirt out of the rice (it had been dried by the side of the road), chopped vegetables, minced garlic, stirred soup, rolled and fried chapati. I have no illusions about the relative value of our labor vs our donations, but cooking was fun for all of us – it was nice to do something tangible with your hands to help people. And the people were clearly appreciative of the food – even the youngest kids ate gigantic portions and came back for more. It was likely the only meal of the day for some of them. It was also great to get to interact with the people, playing games with the kids and talking to the grandmas. One Horizon has set up a pig farming program for the grandmas, with four or five sows producing litters of piglets every month or so to generate a steady income for their families. When the pigs were being fed the cacophony was deafening! Each plot of land might have 3-5 houses (for grandma and for their children’s families), an outhouse and a pig sty all crammed together. Perhaps some chickens or goats and a small vegetable garden also. The grandmas had heart-breaking stories to tell of poverty, hunger, missed education, teen pregnancies, absent and/or alcoholic fathers, domestic violence, depression, and suicide attempts that cycle through generations. They stumbled across One Horizon as a lifeline for a steady meal for their grandchildren who they are typically raising and supporting as their kids try to make their own way, which relived pressure on the household to only have to feed the adults. But it is the steady income from the pigs that has broken the cycle and given stability to these families who now are able to keep their kids studying through high school and even aspiring for university. We were glad to get a window into the lives of ordinary Kenyans and do a little bit to help improve them


star rating

Day of a lifetime

Wow, what a most wonderful day! Being picked up and dropped off at your hotel was a real plus. Solomon and Mary were lovely hosts from One Horizon that took good care of us and prepared us well for the day! The Masai family was lovely and so warm. We enjoyed learning about they live and even making our own beaded bracelets. Bring extra money as you can purchase goods from them at the end of you like, but there is no pressure to do so. My 11 year old was very engaged throughout the day and bonded with the son of the family. I would recommend this experience to anyone with any curiosity of the Masai people. We loved One Horizon!


star rating

A Delightful Experience

When the day began, I had no idea of what to expect. Solomon and Mary were our guides for the day and both were knowledgeable and friendly. The long drive to our first experience was filled with stories and laughter. We arrived and met Rosemary and learned of her journey to becoming a pig farmer. Then we met other grandmothers raising pigs and learned their stories. We spent the day making chapati from scratch, cooking, eating, sharing stories, and singing. The next experience was visiting the Maasai women. Again, what a learning experience. We learned from the woman, understanding their culture. Traditions, and life story. We shared our experiences as well. We spent time making jewellery and just enjoying each other’s company. Overall, it was quite a long day, but one that I would not change. Thanks again to Solomon and Mary. And thanks for sharing the photos that you took. We truly appreciated the hospitality shared by everyone.


star rating

Wonderful experience!

Our day spent at the Massai village was unlike anything we’d ever experienced. My husband and I were warmly greeted and welcomed in as family. We shared a meal and they taught us how to make the beautiful beaded items that they wear. They shared stories of their culture and was as equally interested in our lives back home. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in opening their eyes and learning something new. Great great day, time well spent!


star rating

Farm to Feast: an incredibly inspiring visit with three amazing grandmothers

Our Intrepid Tour Day 1 started with our ‘Farm to Feast’ tour made possible in association with One Horizon. The Farm to Feast project helps grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren. Helping to lift them out of poverty and into a sustainable living, one piglet at a time. Greeted with joyous song and dance by three gorgeous women, we gathered inside Rosemary’s home and heard both Beatrice’s and Rosemary’s heart-wrenching and yet inspiring stories over tea and cake. We made chapatis from scratch and shared them for lunch filled with fresh apples. Then we fed the pigs their lunch. The world is full of people in need. It is an exceptional experience to hear real stories of survival and empowerment, to feel the hope, and to be able to offer some support through quality projects. Our visit enabled One Horizon, through Intrepid, to help three more grandmothers out of poverty, with gift of a pig, feed and vet services to help each grandmother start a business of her own . Now that's responsible tourism! Loved it. Highly recommend!


star rating

Excellent Service

I cannot rate the team highly enough. They provided a ten day tour for a group of us with disabilities, but overcame hurdles we encountered effortlessly and professionally. They provided total support for the whole holiday experience and ensured everyone had a fantastic time. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to go on a tour to Kenya.


star rating

A great time!

I didn't want to come to Kenya and just see the animals I wanted also to connect with people and One Horizon Africa has giving me my wish. I picked the 5 days experiences package and it was a mind-blowing, humbling an eye-opening experience. Not only are the people who work at One Horizon the kindest people. Mary, Solomon took care of me for a week. I felt I gained a family. The work they do to help empowering women, feeding and educating children, giving grandmothers the tool to support their grandkids and the support given to the Maasai community is exceptional. This the best way to spend your vacation. One Horizon makes you become a responsible traveller and the experience will stay with you always. I intend to stay in connection with this group of fabulous people. If One Horizon changes life in Kenya, it will change yours as well

Ashleigh Walton

star rating

Truly inspirational

This trip is the most empowering and unforgettable day I have ever experienced whilst in Kenya. The woman is so courageous and I am so grateful for them sharing their stories and giving an insight into their lives. Mam is such an inspiring woman, she has changed so many of those woman’s lives. One horizon should be very proud of what they have achieved and the lives they have helped to bring light into such darkness.


star rating

WOW what an inspiration to everyone!

If you’re in Nairobi you must do this experience Go Granny Go was an incredible experience for me – to learn about the lives of the grandmas and their struggles through life and how resilient they are was so inspiring. They welcomed you into their homes and spoke about their lives and how the project has helped them to earn money and provide food for their grandchildren as well as themselves. It was so inspiring to listen to and they even taught me how to make chapatis! Anyone who goes to Nairobi must include this experience!


star rating

Fantastic must do experience!!

This was a wonderful experience as you are immersed directly into the real world these people live in. You really get the feel and understanding of the traditions and culture that you never get from a book or TV documentary. My wife as well as I feel this is a must do before you go to Game Camp Safaris etc. You gain the added knowledge and base background needed for properly experiencing all other aspects of Africa. The Maasai especially! Most importantly is the help One Horizon is giving to make life better for so many people! You will feel that when you meet the Maasai. They are a happy, hardworking, positive group!


star rating

Top organisation merging high quality tours with life-changing charity work. Truly memorable.

I had grand plans on arrival in Kenya to do a couple of the One Horizon tours, however had issues with their booking system only booking for the day after tomorrow. This led to phone calls with owner-operator, who was able to accommodate me with both tours I wanted in a half-day personalised tour. I was met by Carol at my hotel and travelled to meet mothers with HIV thriving thanks to a two-year rehabilitation program that teaches them trade and entrepreneurial skills so they can set up their own business to support their families. There I also met Solomon and together we travelled on to meet two grandmothers thriving off pig-farming and able to support their families for the first time in their lives. I honestly could write tons about these experiences, but I will keep it to this: being a development graduate, I know what good charity and bad charity looks like. The programs come from the community and the community thrives because of it. This is charity at its best. All of the women but particularly the warm hospitality shown by the grandmothers and Carol and Solomon over a lunch we made together, hearing stories about Kenyan life, the struggles, was probably the single best tourism experience I ever had. Carol and Solomon answered every question I had and then some, and I felt so inspired by their hard work and dedication. Travelling for another two months across Africa this tour remained my number one experience and takeaway of what Africa is. I cannot recommend One Horizon highly enough.


star rating

Life changing experience

I booked this tour right away after I read the description and the great work of the organization behind it. However actually visiting with Daniel, Risper, and Immanuel - our beautiful Maasai family hosts - met and exceeded my wildest expectations. We learned so much about their culture and day to day life - everything was so authentic and fascinating. I was able to fully disconnect and be present and totally immersed in the experience. Thank you Solomon and Caroline for being our guides for this life changing experience. It goes without saying that I highly recommend this tour. You cannot come to Kenya and miss this experience!


star rating

Not to be missed!

Solomon took us on a truly incredible day sharing experiences with a Maasai family. The day was well organised, catered and even forethought of bringing much needed gumboots for us. It was a joyous time, we were welcomed with Masai dancing (and encouraged to join in), heard lots of stories about daily life, learnt of the strength and courage required each day, were serenaded by tribal songs while we tried our hand at beading, shared some lunch. Most of all we really enjoyed learning and sharing our different cultures. An unforgettable day which only got better as they emailed us many photos of us from the day!

Sarah Kathleen L

star rating

Memorable and powerful experience for my family

One Horizon provided my family and I with an amazing experience. We met 2 powerful and inspiring grandmothers who have benefited from their involvement in the One Horizon program. We got to spend time with the women, learned to make chapati, enjoy chai and hear their powerful stories of how they broke the cycle of poverty. Truly memorable for my 2 kids, ages 9 and 11, as well as for my husband and I.

Carolyn W

star rating

Inspirational visits with Mothers and Grandmothers!!

Tour with two stops. The first was to visit a group of mothers with HIV who were learning how to run a business at the Living Positive Centre. We were treated to welcoming singing and dancing, followed by a talk from one of the women about her experiences with the disease and the Centre which was inspirational, and had morning tea. Then we were able to purchase goods that the women had made. These women were full of joy and were a delight and a privilege to visit. Then we went to visit women who were grandmothers raising grandchildren in poverty. One Horizon had assisted by setting up the opportunity for these women to become pig or chicken farmers and to raise money from the sale of these animals. We heard Rosemary's story which was amazing. We were able to donate two piglets for another grandmother to start her business. We cooked chapati and enjoyed these with fruit salad. A wonderful day that inspired and touched our hearts.

Debbie B

star rating

Go Granny Go! Visiting the grandmothers and their pig farm

We had the pleasure to spend our last day in Kenya with One Horizon participating in the "Go Granny Go" project. One Horizon thoroughly answered all of my questions ahead of time. The day of our project, we were picked up at the hotel by Caroline and Solomon, our guides for the day who also had great stories to share with us about the organization and the effect they are having on people in Kenya. We were brought to two granny homes where we were shown their pig farms and they shared stories of their journey to having a sustainable business. Their joy and tears were tangible and touched my heart. We cried and laughed together, fed the pigs together...all followed by making chapati together in Helen's kitchen. The sustainability and bio-dynamic nature of the pig farm contributes to fertilizer for the garden and gas for Helen's cook top. We were inspired by the entire system and the joy of the family as they moved from poverty to pride. We will never forget this day. Thanks so much to Caroline, Solomon and One Horizon for the work you do!

Meredith H

star rating

Amazing experience with a beautiful Masai family

The highlight of my trip! Daniel, Rispa and their son Emmanuel welcomed me into their home. I learnt so much about their culture, and they were equally interested in mine (Australia). It was overwhelmingly beautiful to hear their stories, but also alarming about the struggles that females can go through. One Horizon is a great organisation that is striving to help girls/women within the Masai community by providing hope, education and a means of earning income. It was a fabulous day and I know that anyone who joins this tour will be forever grateful like I am.

Rolf D

star rating

The Masai Gift

Absolutely. Just getting back to the routine. The combination of meeting you and your crew, and being introduced to Daniel, Emmanuel and the rest of the family, hit me with an impact I didn’t expect. I’m a pretty open guy and don’t usually have a issue making friends. But that day...is still resonating in my heart. Besides being an epic memory of joy, fun, and intense uniqueness that one discovers through meeting others in another culture, I feel like I’ve lost something, something dear. Perhaps it’s a combination of the physical distance between their huts and my home here in Ashland, Oregon, and the warmth of nature that poured from each one of them. There was a sincerity there that has left me questioning myself as to why I am where I am when clearly I should be seeing my “Maasai friends” on a routine basis. I feel like I found my home there, with them, my true home, but for whatever reason, decided to leave, and am now suffering that loss. I’ve been fortunate to have visited many lands in my lifetime. All with cultures which were similar yet the same. But something happens on your trip. I feel like I met relatives I never knew existed. This was truly the gem of my visit to Kenya, overshadowing all other events I partook in. It will be one year until we are back to Kenya and I do intend to be traveling with you again. If it’s available, I do wish to see my Maasai friends once more. As a matter of fact I long for it. Thank you again. You have my deepest respect and admiration for what you do. Please thank Solomon and Simon as well. Until we meet again.


star rating

Amazing cultural experience

It was an inspirational tour. Amazing and eye opening experience with Daniel and his Maasai family. So much to comprehend about the unique culture and beliefs but still much respect for their distinct tribe. It was very educational learning about the Maasai traditions and lifestyle. Kudos to our very courteous driver/guide Solomon and interpreter Caroline from One Horizon. Thank you!

Rob D

star rating

Just as described in the overview - not be missed

This was an amazing experience from start to finish and certainly not your typical tourist tour. I was met at the hotel by a delightful lady called Carol and driven to meet a Maasai family. On the way Carol explained the work her organisation was doing to support women escaping difficult situations (one we would meet later that day to here from her first hand). On arrival our small group was warmly greeted by the family and invited into their mud home where we shared experiences from their and our culture. They performed a dance which we were invited to join. It was a wonderful day from start to finish with great hosts and guides. An experience not to be missed. Worth noting all the fees go back to support the family we visit.

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