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The Maasai have inhabited Africa for hundreds of years and their cultural tradition and practices have endured to the present day. And it is their rhythm of life as embodied in their traditions which the outside world has wanted to learn and understand.
One Horizon’s amazing twilight experience, Campfire Stories, is about the life of the Maasai and their traditions, told with the humour and insight that only the Maasai can bring. Stories about their ancestors, their families and the traditions which dictate their life.
This magical experience is held at a Maasai village on the outskirts of Nairobi starting in the late afternoon and ending in early evening. In a magical Maasai village that is the home to an extended family, you will see Maasai returning to the village from a day walking their herds in search of grazing land. And as you meet your hosts, you will start to appreciate what an amazing adventure this is going to be.

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