Changing Our World 5 Days


Changing Our World 5 Days

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Group 1 (5 Students) (14-17 yrs) ($950ps) (3rd-7th July)
Group 2 (10 Students) (14-17 yrs) ($900ps) (10th-14th July)
Group 3 (15 Students) (14-17 yrs) ($850ps) (27th-31st Dec)
Group 4 (20 Students) (14-17 yrs) ($800ps) (2nd-6th Jan 24)
Group 1 (5 Students) (18-23 yrs) ($950ps) (17th-21st July)
Group 2 (10 Students) (18-23 yrs) ($900ps) (24th-28th July)
Group 3 (15 Students) (18-23 yrs) ($850ps) (27th-31st Dec)
Group 4 (20 Students) (18-23 yrs) ($800ps) (2nd-6th Jan 24)

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Changing Our World – Youth Leadership Program (5 days)

This program is aimed at developing the leadership skills of our youth. Skills that will help our youth to develop solutions to the problems that need to be overcome for a fair and more just society and where everybody can realise their potential. And in doing so, helping communities address the challenges they face. The program is aimed at students who have an interest in third world countries and who want to make a contribution to improving the lives of people not only in these countries but in their own community.

The Changing Our World program is a 5-day, multi-faceted activity that combines One Horizon Africa’s in-field experience in Africa and Kenya specifically. It emphases skills honed in collaboration with people from other cultures and the soft skills of negotiation, collaboration and leadership behaviours that are required for navigating successful outcomes. Underpinning the entire program are the team and communication skills which are integrated in all aspects of the activities conducted with students.

It’s a fun, unique and exciting program that is inspirational and uplifting. It has been developed for school, college and university students. It also helps students identify their own personal life and vocational goals that they may pursue in the future.

What Student Groups Can Participate in the Program?

There are 2 specific groups of students that the program has been developed for. These are high school students aged from 14 to 17 years and college and university students (aged from 18 to 23 years). And the end of the program participants received a CERTIFICATE of ACHIEVEMENT from One Horizon Africa.

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