Empowering Mothers – 1 Day Signature Experience


Empowering Mothers – 1 Day Signature Experience

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Empowering Mothers is a tour in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) This immersive One Horizon tour is an uplifting day spent with an inspirational group of Kenyan single mothers who are breaking free from the cycle of poverty and forging a brighter future to be able to support their families. You’ll visit a women’s vocational and lifestyle training centre on the outskirts of Nairobi, which is a hive of activity as the women are busy sewing, making candles, beading jewellery, and studying entrepreneurial skills to start their own small businesses. As you connect with the women on a personal level they’ll share their stories that will give you a deep insight into Kenyan culture, traditions and extended family relationships. Kenyan women turning their lives around We drive you to a developing area in Ngong to the west of Nairobi, and take in sights such as the eclectic Ngong Road markets where you can buy anything and everything. Then you visit the Women’s Empowerment Centre, where One Horizon supports an 18-month program to help struggling mothers undertake skills training and get access to microfinance to open small businesses. Not so long ago these marginalised women had very little hope, few resources, and no support, and many are HIV-positive and have suffered discrimination and been ostracized by their own husbands and families and were forced into homelessness. But with the support of One Horizon, and the travellers who visit them, the centre helps them get back on their feet by providing rent-free housing and vocational training, as well as lifestyle skills that focus on building confidence and rejuvenating body and soul. They become independent as small business owners — perhaps as a seamstress, or a pig or chicken farmer – and crucially, are able to feed, financially support, and keep their families together. The women’s inspirational stories will teach you about family life in Kenya, the practice of marrying multiple spouses, the dynamics of being a single parent, and the relationship between Kenyan mothers and their children. You will walk away from the experience of meeting these determined and resourceful women, with much admiration and a new perspective on how teaching empowerment skills can lift people out of poverty.

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