Experience Kenya 10 Days Tour


Experience Kenya 10 Days Tour

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One Horizon’s tours for people living with a health issue are for people who may be physically challenged by various conditions. Our small group tours are supported by an amazing team of individuals. We appoint a travel buddy for each our guests whose presence is to ensure our guests enjoy every moment of their holiday and who are there to assist. And our commitment is for our guests to have amazing experiences.

Wildlife and People Experiences in a Complete Package
Our Experience Kenya tour combines some great wildlife experiences as well as meeting the real gems of Kenya, its people. We make this tour attractive to people who may have some reservations about travelling because of a pre-existing health condition. And we make it attractive to our guests by teaming them with a One Horizon staff member who becomes their travel buddy. The travel buddy is our guest’s personal concierge, somebody who can see to our guests every need. And we have arranged our tours so that our guests minimise their daily travel times to the various experiences. And while our group size is restricted to 5, we also have a support vehicle that carries all our necessary items for the day, whether that is wheelchairs, walkers and even blankets.

People and Community – a cultural and social purpose adventure
This tour includes inspiring cultural experiences visiting four grassroots Kenyan communities that tourists rarely have a chance to meet. You will see life from a different perspective with a social purpose aspect of your holiday and one you will find incredibly rewarding and satisfying. You can help at a local soup kitchen, meet the strong and courageous women at a vocation and lifestyle training centre, and be inspired by some entrepreneurial Kenyan grandmothers. This experience will leave you humbled and heartened, and you will finish this experience by spending time with the Maasai and learn about their fascinating way of life that hasn’t changed for centuries.
Why We Chose the Tamarind Tree Hotel in Nairobi

  • Large rooms are the standard at the Tamarind and these are great for wheelchair access
  • All entrances to the hotel have ramps
  • The Tamarind has dedicated, specialist rooms for people who live with disabilities
  • The hotel staff are friendly and responsive and go out of their way to help

Why One Horizon Is Well Equipped to Manage Clients’ Needs

  • We have a ratio of one-to-one staff to guest ratio – a buddy traveller for each guest
  • Our staff accompany our guests on every excursion, every day
  • We have assessed each venue to be visited, ranking them on their suitability to host guests
  • Each day starts at 10 am enabling all to have a leisurely breakfast before the day begins

Our Vehicles Have Easy Access, are Luxurious and Comfortable and all have WI-Fi

  • We have a fleet of air-conditioned luxury vehicles with super comfortable seats
  • We ensure the comfort of our guests by limiting our vehicles to carry 2 –3 passengers
  • We have a support vehicle that transports wheelchairs and other aids that may be required during daily excursions


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