From Gray to Green 1 Day Cultural & Eco Tour


From Gray to Green 1 Day Cultural & Eco Tour

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Tree planting and reafforestation is the focus of the day. The loss of land and damage to ecosystems by overgrazing is nothing new. Because landscapes, even within a small area are highly varied, the solutions are inevitably local and relevant to that area. In the hills and grasslands around Nairobi the consequence of generations of overgrazing are severe. Carrying capacities are lower, the quantity and quality of grasslands have declined significantly and consequently the Maasai roam further in search of adequate pastures. There are solutions but all of us have a part to play in being part of that.

This 1-day cultural tour and eco saving experience enables all of us to play a part to reverse, over time, the impact of overgrazing and loss of grazing land and habitats for wildlife that erosion causes.


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