Light on the Horizon – 1 Day Signature Experience


Light on the Horizon – 1 Day Signature Experience

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Light on the Horizon is a tour in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) On this energetic One Horizon day tour, we combine visits to one of Nairobi’s best-known wildlife conservation centres with a small-scale farming program that is changing the lives of Kenyan grandmothers. You get up-close to giraffes from a raised walkway at the Giraffe Centre, which has been instrumental in saving the Rothschild giraffe from extinction. We then spend an insightful afternoon as guests of endearing and entrepreneurial grandmothers at a grassroots social enterprise project supported by One Horizon in a rural Kikuyu community. You then spend an engaging afternoon in the rural homes of Kenyan grandmothers, who are remarkable and inspirational women that have taken on the responsibility of caring for their grandchildren and extended families. You’ll look around a pig farm where a grandmother proudly explains pig-husbandry and how her bio-gas system powers her home; an initiative supported by One Horizon and the involvement of travellers like yourselves that aims at improving the livelihoods of the grandmothers by economically empowering them through small-scale farming. Then sit down with the grandmothers while they cook traditional meals and narrate their powerful stories about how the program has helped them run a sustainable business that keeps their families together.

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