Meeting Beatrice – Her Incredible Life and Story


Meeting Beatrice – Her Incredible Life and Story

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Meet Beatrice who, in her late 60’s became an entrepreneurial grandma. Her success as a pig farmer came after a life of struggle. Born into a large family and in the colonial period of Kenya’s independence struggle, Beatrice and her family were confronted by poverty and the struggles which came with it. Getting enough to eat was a daily challenge let alone an education. Beatrice’s story will inspire you. A compelling struggle that shows what can be achieved with resilience and perseverance.

Beatrice’s story is told in her home where she lives with her husband, children and grandchildren. And you will also enjoy a hearty meal with her and those of her family. It’s an intimate look at Kenyan life with a historical perspective that will leave you in awe of her achievements and the human spirit.

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