Mother’s Day in Kenya – 1 Day Cultural Experience


Mother’s Day in Kenya – 1 Day Cultural Experience

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Mother’s Day is a tour in the Celebration Tours Collection, curated, unique, authentic and an exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experience.

Mother’s Day each year in May is a big event in Kenya because mothers are highly revered in Kenyan society and they are considered as the heroes in their local communities. One Horizon holds village parties to celebrate Mother’s Day and you are invited. It’s a private eventat the projects we support, so the party guests are you and your friends and a crowd of assorted mothers, grandmothers and their families.

There are two options; you will meet either entrepreneurial Kikuyu grandmothers who support multigenerational families through farming enterprises, or young Maasai mothers who are pivotal innurturing communal prosperity in their village. These mothers take time out from their usual activities to celebrate Mother’s Day, and by joining in our parties you will get a deep insight into the customs and structures of rural Kenyan family life. Enjoy great food and conversation, lively singing and dancing, and if you are a mother or grandmother yourself, this is a wonderful opportunity to share many stories and much laughter.

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