My Life as A Maasai Warrior


My Life as A Maasai Warrior

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This experience is part of the My Maasai Life Series. For those wanting to enrich themselves about this noble culture, it’s an interactive, personal, and intimate insight into what it’s like living in a traditional society.
To maximise the time in the community you will be transported there by helicopter. The journey there will give you an incredible view of the landscapes that are part of Kenya and you will land adjacent to the village. And at the end of the day, you will spend the night in a homestead that, once again, you will have for your exclusive use. And your personal chef will prepare your dinner and breakfast. An amazing property with views of the mountains around you.

This experience has you meeting a young moran(warrior) whose perspective on his cultural identify will probably amaze you. For a young Maasai man (there have been certain ritualised events that mark his transition from child to young warrior. His role became less of carefree days enjoyed as a child, to someone whose primary responsibility is defending his family and community from all manner of threats.

Today, threats to himself, his clan and community are mainly those that come from wild animals that stalk their herds. And whether this is a threat to them personally or to their clan or community, the role of defender is their responsibility.

And marriage of a young Maasai warrior plays a large part in their life and one of the expectations of their community. The stresses involved in negotiating a bride’s dowry can, however, result in failure and where both parties walk away. So, marriage is not assured, and this only acts as a pressure point in a young morans life.

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