The Future Leaders – 1 Day Signature Experience


The Future Leaders – 1 Day Signature Experience

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Future Leaders of Kenya is a tour in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) Getting involved in helping disadvantaged communities is both an opportunity to engage with local people and a rewarding way for socially responsible travellers to ‘give something back’. On this One Horizon tour you visit a community centre on the outskirts of Nairobi supported by One Horizon. You lend a hand by helping to prepare and distribute nutritious food, and witness firsthand how communities work together to help people. A sustainable program for Kenyan families While there are many wealthy areas in Nairobi, other districts have very high unemployment levels where challenges for the population are based around getting enough to eat. One Horizon initiates sustainable development programs in conjunction with local community leaders in needy communities, and today you will help to prepare and serve a hearty and nutritious Kenyan lunch for the community. We work alongside Kenyans who take ownership of these programs and you’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with Kenyans who warmly welcome you into their community. And as part of this day, you will get to meet the local community leaders who are helping to change the future for their fellow citizens and helping to create future leaders. You will have a energetic day pitching in with the chores like peeling and chopping fresh fruit and vegetables and cooking lunch of beans and ugali (a maize flour dish eaten across East Africa). You can share lunch with the community and have the opportunity interact with them and you’ll discover that they are just interested about you as you are about them. This is a uniquely personal hands-on experience and travellers meet a grassroots community that they would never typically interact with on a Kenyan holiday. And it is immensely satisfying to know that by donating your tour fees and precious time, you are part of helping the community.

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