We Didn’t Know Such Tours Existed! – 6 days

We Didn’t Know Such Tours Existed! – 6 days

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The most common feedback from travellers regarding our ‘cultural tours’ is that “we didn’t know such tours existed,” or “we’ve been looking for something like this for ages’ or “we didn’t know about One Horizon.
And the reviews we get are testimony to the uniqueness of One Horizon Africa’s cultural tour experiences. Nothing less than 5-star reviews for the last 10 years! So different are we that our travellers have said that finding cultural experiences like ours is like looking for “a needle in a haystack”! And as one reviewer noted:
“This tour is a must! To experience the lives of the Kenyan people in this most authentic way is priceless. I loved hearing about these women’s stories. They are a true testament of strength and triumph rising above all adversity. One Horizon, a local non-profit, has helped these women see another side of life, a way out of poverty to care for their families. It’s about women empowerment and the ability to fend for themselves through entrepreneurship. Learning how to make chapattis was so much fun. It felt like how I learned to cook with my own grandmother. We ate, laughed, and listened to each other’s stories. I definitely bonded with these women, and in complete awe of their growth and progress through the foundation. Keep up the great work”!
Our tour experiences showcase different communities in an interactive, respectful and deeply moving way. As a social purpose organisation and not for profit, our programs are not tour bus experiences. The underlying work we do is in implementing initiatives that help people step up and away from ‘doing it tough’. And we are passionate about it. And it’s good to know that a traveller’s tour fees go completely into the programs and projects you will see.

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