Incredible Kenya 4 Days/3 nights

Incredible Kenya <span>4 Days/3 nights</span>
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  • $17603 2 adult + 3 children



On day 1 of this extraordinary adventure, you will be transported by helicopter to a Maasai village. This is an amazing day which you will never forget as you touch down in the village to be welcomed by your hosts.

When you sit down with the family in their traditional home (manyatta) you will get a perspective of life from the village elder who has the role of ensuring that the cultural practices of the past are passed to the next generation. From the perspective of a woman, the daughter of the village elder will talk about the role of women in Maasai life and the expectations that not only the family have, but the broader community has about their contribution within the village. There will be demonstrations of various Maasai skills. And at the end of the day, you will retreat to your private homestead which is for you exclusively. The homestead has amazing views of the mountains where you will spend the night. And to top off your most amazing day, your personal chef will prepare your dinner.

On day 2, and after a leisurely breakfast you will leave your overnight retreat just prior to lunchtime by helicopter. Hou will head back to your next overnight accommodation. After an afternoon of free time, it will be out to an amazing Nairobi eatery where you will have dinner before returning to your hotel.

On Day 3, we take to the air again in a fixed wing plane to Lake Navaisha. We are enroute to Sopa Lodge and for some boating on the lake. Hippo spotting is the order of the day, as well as lunch beside the pool and some relaxing and swimming. And for those who would prefer more wildlife viewing, there are also herds of giraffe, zebra and waterbuck that call the grounds home. And you will be back in Nairobi by sunset with memories which will last a lifetime.

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The International Ecoturism Society

We are a proud member of The International Ecotourism Society

Which brings together individuals and organisations committed to helping local communities and the environment.


A Spectacular Helicopter Flight

You will begin the day with a spectacular helicopter journey. The flight will take you towards Ngong before flying down to where you host, and her family live. This short flight of 20 – 30 minutes will give you an outstanding view not only of Nairobi but of the amazing landscapes along the way. This flight is exclusively for you and/or your party and will be something you will talk about for years to come.

You Are Met by Your Hosts

The day’s events will be conducted in your hosts village and home (called a manyatta). But prior to the day’s events and as your stroll the short distance to the village, you will experience and be given insights into the reverence that the Maasai have for the natural landscapes.

A Short Eco Tour

Enroute to the village you will stop beside some of the distinctive acacia trees that are typical of the African landscape to learn about how they support the medicinal needs of the tribe

A Song and Dance Welcome

Upon entering the village, you will receive a traditional song and dance welcome from your hosts. It’s a great introduction to Maasai life which is told in song and the rhythm and beat of their music is infectious.

Being Dressed as a Maasai

Being dressed as a Maasai for your day is also part of the experience and you will also be adorned with the gender specific adornments that the Maasai are well known for. And with a traditional Shuka (blanket) around your shoulders it will complete your transformation for this amazing day.

Sitting Down with Your Hosts in their Manyatta

And after the singing and dancing is over, you will enter their home for perhaps the most interesting, intriguing and fascinating discussion you are ever likely to have. The discussion will cover:

  • A brief overview of the family lives – where they grew up, their family structure and their own rites of passage
  • The challenges of their youth, their marriages and transition to life as an elder of the tribe
  • The responsibilities of being an elder, a married woman and young moran and the expectations of the community regarding their role
  • What changes have occurred in Maasai culture and how have these impacted on life as a Maasai
  • The stages of life or rites of passage that every male Maasai child will go through until they enter ‘manhood’ where they become a ‘moran’
  • The cultural rituals, customs and practices that are associated with the rights of passages and most notably those that have to do with becoming a moran
  • And from the young woman, who was involved in her choice of a husband - who participated in the decision making?
  • What it feels like when a dowry is negotiated between the families, how the process is done and the tensions that arise and why they arise? And how are they resolved?
  • What it was like moving to a new village of people she didn’t know and the expectations of her in-laws and the challenges that it presented.

Your Moran Host Shows His Skills

A daily life spent herding the Maasai’s herds of cattle, goats and sheep inevitably means contact with wildlife predators. The young Maasai will show you his skills of defending himself and his herd. And for his part, he will demonstrate:

  • how swiftly he can climb a tree to escape and how to defend himself when up the tree.
  • And he will also demonstrate one of the skills of his initiation into manhood. The ability to throw and clear a tall tree with his club is a skill that young Maasai practice for months.
  • Failure to clear the tree means that a young man cannot become a moran.
  • You can also pit yourself against the Maasai in this club throwing experience – it’s great fun!

An Amazing Homestead and Your Own Chef

Your overnight accommodation is 10 minutes from the Maasai village where you have spent the day. This amazing 4 bedroom, all on-suite property has spectacular views over the nearby mountains. It’s the perfect place to relax for the evening and to enjoy the views and where you will have dinner. And to make it a memorable day, you have the services of your own chef who will prepare your dinner as you relax. You have the entire property for you exclusive use.

A Twilight Visit

And before you sit down for dinner you have one last treat for the day. You will be visited at twilight by a group of Maasai singers from the local tribe who will give you a 20-minute rendition of melodious songs. These songs capture the essence of the Maasai. The songs tell the story of key aspects of Maasai life and are woven with infectious rhythmic beats. And the group always enjoys it when their guests join in the dancing because its always great fun.

Dine, Wine and Relax Some More

And when all the singing is done, your dinner awaits. Time to kick back and relax with a glass of wine and your time is your own.

A Spectacular Helicopter Flight You Are Met by Your Host A-Song-and-Dance-Welcome-1 A-Song-and-Dance-Welcome Sitting-Down-with-Your-Host-in-Her-Manyatta Being-Dressed-as-a-Maasai Sitting-Down-with-Your-Host-in-Her-Manyatta Sitting-Down-with-Your-Host-in-Her-Manyatta Sitting-Down-with-Your-Host-in-Her-Manyatta An-Amazing-Homestead-and-Your-Own-Chef An-Amazing-Homestead-and-Your-Own-Chef An-Amazing-Homestead-and-Your-Own-Chef

A Leisurely Breakfast Begins the Day

Your chef is on hand to prepare breakfast to kick off the day to a great start and it’s a leisurely and relaxed start to the day.

Breakfast is mostly taken on the outside terrace which has magnificent views of the nearby mountains. It's a great panoramic vista that really captures the essence of the life and environment of the local Maasai tribes

A Chance to Buy Some Arts and Crafts

As a memento of your visit, you will receive a handmade Maasai wristband that will hold fond memories for you of your time with your Maasai host. And in addition to this, your Maasai host will display a selection of Maasai jewellery and curios which have been made by the villagers.

Leaving the Village via Helicopter enroute to Nairobi

At approximately you will depart the village on your private helicopter flight to Nairobi enroute to the Western Hotel. Upon arrival at the airport, you will be met and transferred to the Western Hotel.

A Free Afternoon

Your afternoon is a time to relax before dinner. The Western Hotel is a 5-star establishment and has been chosen for its proximity to the airport in consideration of your next day’s flight.

Dinner and Overnight

The evening has another great treat instore as you depart for a night out at one of Nairobi's top 3 restaurants INTI. An INTI Experience is a culinary experience that combines Japanese and Peruvian inspirations as well as being a favorite for those who prefer a vegetarian focus. With stunning views over the city and an atmosphere which is engaging, it is something that you will never forget. The food and ambience is superb and caters for an eclectic clientele and families.

One Horizon will pick you up and return you to the hotel at the end of the evening.

Dinner and Overnight
A Leisurely Breakfast Begins the Day A Leisurely Breakfast Begins the Day A-Chance-to-Buy-Some-Arts-and-Crafts A-Chance-to-Buy-Some-Arts-and-Crafts Leaving-the-Village-for-The-Journey-Home Dinner and Overnight

Your Private Flight to Lake Navaisha

After breakfast we depart to the airport for a short flight to Lake Naivasha. It’s a spectacular flight which starts with amazing views over Nairobi before flying up the Great Rift Valley and landing at Naivasha airport. This flight is exclusively for you and your party and is a great way to travel up to the Lake via the majestic Masa Mara

Boating on Lake Naivasha to Spot Hippos and the Bird Life

Upon arrival in Naivasha, we head over to Sopa Lodge where we will take to the water to spot hippos and the bird life. Sopa Lodge is an amazing venue, and you may be lucky to also spot the giraffes and zebra which pass through the grounds of the lodge. There are numerous water bucks wandering the grounds as well. And as we board our craft for 90 minutes on the lake, it’s time to ready our cameras to capture the pods of hippos which call the lake home. The bird life is also astounding. And all this before returning to the lodge for lunch.

Lunch and a Relaxing Afternoon at Pool Side

The rest of the day is spent enjoying lunch in the award winning Sopa Lodge Restaurant and the grounds. You are free to wander the grounds and also take a swim in the pool. It’s a great way to relax and to take in all that Kenya has to offer you. And its late afternoon where you are likely to catch the giraffes wandering through the grounds. And you don’t have to even leave the pool.

Overnight at Sopa Lodge

In the serene and calming presence of Sopa Lodge you will be able to hear the moods of the wildlife and particularly the hippos that emerge after dark from the lake to forage on Sopa’s grassy banks. And don’t be surprised when you through back your suites curtains to have a giraffe peering at you. Great photo opportunities abound.

Leaving-the-Village-for-The-Journey-Home Leaving-the-Village-for-The-Journey-Home
A-Chance-to-Buy-Some-Arts-and-Crafts A-Chance-to-Buy-Some-Arts-and-Crafts Leaving-the-Village-for-The-Journey-Home Leaving-the-Village-for-The-Journey-Home Leaving-the-Village-for-The-Journey-Home Leaving-the-Village-for-The-Journey-Home

Breakfast at Sopa and transfers to the airport for you flight to Nairobi.

After a hearty breakfast and last photo opportunity, its off to the airport where your private flight awaits you to take you back to the airport. You will be met upon arrival at the airport for your onward journey hotel in Nairobi or other venue. End of tour



All Inclusive Package

  • Full board accommodation & Drinks (Water, juice, tea and coffee, all house wines, spirits, beers & soft drinks)
  • Private and exclusive vehicles for return transfers from the International Airport (JKIA) or Wilson Airport at the beginning and end of your tour
  • Private and exclusive homestead use day 1
  • Private dining and your own chef to prepare dinner and breakfast at the homestead
  • 1 night accommodation at the 5-star Western Hotel – day 2
  • Dinner at the INTI Restaurant Nairobi (Day 2). Rated in the top 3 restaurants in Nairobi
  • Private charter flights (helicopter and fixed wing)
  • Private guide
  • An image and video compilation of your journey
  • A Maasai shuka (traditional blanket) and Maasai wristband as a memento of your visit
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

We are happy to recommend alternative accommodation options that meet your requirements during your time with us in Nairobi. Our preferred hotels are Palacina and Hemingways - If you would like us to explore other options please contact us.


Toni, USA
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for an incredible two days! The trips were beyond incredible and inspiring. Carol was a fantastic guide - very knowledgeable and welcoming. I can't wait to share my experience with everyone back home and also look forward to sharing the photos she took. I hope to accomplish something as profound as you have, in my coming years! You’ve affected change to so many, it's truly incredible.
Jan, Australia
Another inspirational day - A unique African experience in a traditional Masai village What an incredible day spent with this traditional Maasai family. They shared their stories and I listened with tears in my eyes. We spent the morning with Daniel and his son Emanuel. Daniel has 50 siblings!!! Emanuel explained the cultural journey from boyhood to manhood and his mother, later in the day, shared her experience. The practice of circumcision continues today. It is a day I will remember forever and their stories will remain in my heart. Caroline, our guide also shared her remarkable story. The work done by One Horizon is nothing short of life changing for these people. I would recommend anyone travelling to Nairobi to be a part of one of these experiences. The money paid for these trips go into the program.
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