What We Do

What We Do

Our goal at One Horizon Africa is to share the best of ourselves with the many treasured lives we touch.

For our Valued Guests, we are a new kind of touring company, a non-profit that brings travelers up close to the Kenyan people, making deep and meaningful connections.

For our Kenyan Friends in the local communities, we create and support life-affirming social and economic projects to better their lives and those of their families and children.

For our Invaluable Staff, we provide a safe and secure workspace, skills training, a decent wage, and the opportunity for advancement.

Our Goals

Our Goals

Keeping It Local – Wherever possible, we strive to direct tourism spending to our neighbors by employing local talent and buying goods and services from nearby communities.

Providing Health, Education, and More – We support our local communities with essential services like infrastructure, sanitation, nutrition, vocational training, and educational opportunities.

Creating Transformational Experiences or You – It is our desire for our guests to meet, learn about, and laugh with the local people of our communities. Through their participation, our guests can help improve the lives of those they meet through shared experiences, expertise, and their travel dollars. Transformed by this time they spend in the Kenyan villages and farms, our guests will take away the priceless gifts of love and friendship.

We Help Preserve Local Cultures – We believe the customs and cultures of the local communities are invaluable and joyous. Our goal is to celebrate and help protect these traditions while keeping them from being commercially exploited.

Keeping A Light Footprint – Whether it’s greenhouse gas emissions, single-use plastics, energy consumption, or food waste, we want to be aware of and responsibly reduce our impact on the environment. This means we turn to green solutions like recycling, using renewable energy sources, and smart use of water resources.

Safeguarding Africa’s Wildlife – We are all stewards of our irreplaceable natural world and its creatures. Our safari activities raise awareness of and protect the vulnerable wildlife of our forests, lakes, and savannahs for whom we hold the deepest responsibility.

We Foster Valuable Partnerships – At One Horizon, we feel a kinship with all those who share our values. This includes our guests, the local communities, and other organizations and businesses that also promote sustainable tourism. Together we share our knowledge and experience on mutual projects to benefit the greater good for all.

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