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All safari companies show you the wildlife of Africa. But at One Horizon, you will also meet the people of Africa. Spend time with them, learn about their lives, and be transformed in ways you never imagined.

You’ll hear about the hopes and dreams they have for themselves and their children. And you’ll be helping them move closer toward that better life. Imagine how it will feel to share smiles with these welcoming people. And you’ll share your dreams as well. Perhaps long-harbored wishes for connection, trust, and joy with others in our world. And the chance to share the lessons of your own life. This is what you have been looking for – to do good by giving back. The villages of Kenya are where this will happen. By spending this precious time with the people of Kenya, you will be transformed. We invite you to join us. As with so many of our guests, you’ll be swept up in an emotional journey that will change you forever. So come on a most special safari. A journey into the heart of lightness.

Who We Are
How We're Different

“One Horizon is considered the most unique travel organisation in Kenya (and perhaps the entire African continent). And that’s because its backbone is the sustainable programs that are the foundation of its existence.”

How We’re Different

We love the wildlife of Kenya. But we love the people even more. One Horizon provides more than 50 sustainable programs, aiding and assisting communities with nutrition, clean water, irrigation for farming, electricity, vocational training, and housing. We are a non-profit, so your travel dollars go directly to improving the lives of the people you meet – the children, the young couples, and especially the grandmas – who are the center of Kenyan village life. By creating this model of “travel with a purpose”, we invite you, the visitor to make a hands-on, positive impact in the communities you visit and the people you meet, laugh with, and get to know. Our all-embracing commitment is to these “locals, ensuring all our programs responsibly measure up to their intended promise. And, powering our sense of purpose is the conviction that our Kenyan friends have the final control over their decisions. At One Horizon our ultimate goal is to not only improve the well-being of these precious lives but to help them stay bonded together as the beautiful families they were meant to be.

How It All Began

Only a unique origin story could have birthed an organization with such a single-minded purpose. That story began back in 2010. Traveling through Africa, two Australian travelers were moved by the pervasive poverty they saw during their journey. Making inquiries in one such impoverished community they discovered the need for a nutrition program and set about creating one. Their efforts were an immediate success – children and families began receiving much-needed sustenance. Encouraged, the two Aussies turned their attention to the need for better educational programs in the community, a curriculum that would equal the best African schools. Again, the seeds they planted soon flourished as the village’s children eagerly began to read, write, and learn.

How It All Began
Who We Are

Inspired by these advances, the two felt their next endeavor needed to have an even greater impact, to produce a generational shift and break the continuing cycles of poverty they saw throughout their travels in Africa. They focused on creating programs that would empower the community’s women to start their own businesses such as farming and animal breeding. With these self-reliant ventures came new feelings of confidence, independence, economic security, and the strengthening of family bonds. This was an opportunity for these previously vulnerable women to take ownership of their lives and destinies. And they did. With incredible energy. The entire outlook of the village was transformed; the economy improved, and the community and its families flourished.

Our Next Horizon

Building on the successes of these life-changing programs, the two Australians looked for the means to bring this kind of change to other Kenyan villages. They found their answer within the travel community. After some trial and error, they created perhaps the most innovative touring experience in Africa. It was a chance for visitors to align themselves with the people of Kenya and to engage in a way not previously possible, all the while funding the many programs that were brightening lives. Thus, One Horizon came to be. A single horizon with a clear vision – to improve the lives of the people of Africa as well as those who have come to visit, to learn, and to share their love.

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