Mother’s Day in Kenya 1 Day Cultural Experience

Mother’s Day in Kenya <span>1 Day Cultural Experience</span>
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Mother’s Day In Kenya is a culture and community tour in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB)

Mother’s Day each year in May is a big event in Kenya because mothers are highly revered in Kenyan society and they are considered as the heroes in their local communities. One Horizon holds village parties to celebrate Mother’s Day and you are invited. It’s a private event at the projects we support, so the party guests are you and your friends and a crowd of assorted mothers, grandmothers and their families.

There are two options; you will meet either entrepreneurial Kikuyu grandmothers who support multigenerational families through farming enterprises, or young Maasai mothers who are pivotal in nurturing communal prosperity in their village. These mothers take time out from their usual activities to celebrate Mother’s Day, and by joining in our parties you will get a deep insight into the customs and structures of rural Kenyan family life. Enjoy great food and conversation, lively singing and dancing, and if you are a mother or grandmother yourself, this is a wonderful opportunity to share many stories and much laughter.

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Itinerary - Option 1

Kikuyu Grandmothers

One Horizon holds a special Mother’s Day party at a community of warm and welcoming Kikuyu grandmothers to celebrate their resilience in the face of great challenges and for being role models for younger Kenyans. Grandmothers become the primary caregivers when parents are unable to do so, and there are many grandmother-headed households in Kenya that care for a number of generations. But thanks to a pig-farming small business program supported by One Horizon, the grandmas earn a sustainable income to feed and keep their families together.

On this insightful day, you will be shown around the farm and help cook our delicious traditional Kenyan lunch. The grandmothers narrate their powerful stories and you join in the party with joyful singing and dancing to celebrate Mother’s Day and all that they have achieved.

Kikuyu Grandmothers

Itinerary – Option 2

Maasai Mothers

We celebrate Mother’s Day with the Maasai by hosting a party in a traditional village. The Maasai are proud semi-nomadic people who have age-old traditional cultural practices, and Maasai mothers hold a vital position as they shoulder a great deal of responsibility in day-to-day life. They also develop intense bonds with their children and nurture and develop their sons to become future warriors, or morans.

This is a fun-filled day and you will be dressed in a traditional Maasai Shuka cloth or ‘African blanket’, make your own piece of beautifully crafted beaded Maasai jewellery, and you help cook our delicious Kenyan lunch. Listen to their stories and ideas, join in the singing and dancing, and enjoy this Mother’s Day party when the Maasai respectfully honour their strong, wise and highly revered mothers.

Maasai Mothers


  • Air-conditioned hotel transfers - we'll collect you at from your Nairobi hotel at a prearranged time and drop you back late afternoon.
  • Please note that your vehicle has charging facilities for your mobile phone and internet for your convenience.
  • A personal guide who is also your driver and a One Horizon staff member for the day whose task is to ensure that you enjoy every moment of the day.
  • You will also receive up to 50 images of your adventure as well as videos that capture the moments you will treasure for life.
  • In addition to lunch there is unlimited fruit, tea, coffee and water available.
  • TThere are modern toilet facilities at the venue for your comfort.
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

We are happy to recommend alternative accommodation options that meet your
requirements during your time with us in Nairobi. Our preferred hotels
are Palacina and Hemingways - If you would like us to explore other options please contact us.



Erin , AUS

A once in a lifetime experience, getting to know the real people of Kenya.
The communication leading up to the tour was fantastic, clear and the hotel pick-up went smoothly. My experience on the tour itself far exceeded what I had expected for the day. I really felt that my tour guide was passionate about the One Horizon brand, the work they do and what it represents (grassroots, community). My tour guide went out of her way to ensure that I had an amazing time, learning about Kenya and the local way of life, and connecting with the local Masai family that we went to visit. The Masai family themselves were an amazing bunch of people, and I was moved to tears, hearing the story of their lives as told by them; the happiness and the challenges they have experienced til date. Highly recommended!


Mark, USA

Truly amazing! We will carry our time with One Horizon in our hearts for the rest of our lives!
This tour was one of the absolute highlights of our whole time in Africa. One Horizon is doing an amazing work to empower the otherwise families to climb out of poverty and affecting future generations in perpetuity. Our guide Carol was on-time, professional, and very endearing. Once we got to the village, we had the most amazing time... we laughed and sang, prepared a meal together and ate, they shared their stories and we got a first hand understanding of how One Horizon is dramatically impacting one family at a time.


Alwin, USA

Exceeded Expectations
In having traveled all over the world, the authenticity of the tour with the Masai family is one of the most amazing experiences I've had. Colin and team did an amazing job with logistics and helping us have a great time in and out of this tour. The actual experience with the Masai people was outstanding and gave me an unbelievable immersion into their lives.
This paired with the quality of the cause made the Masai Magic experience far more than worth it.


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