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This is a  KTB Signature Experience tour recognized by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) in 2020 as offering a unique, exceptional and authentic travel experience

Family Ties is a rare opportunity to visit two grassroots Kenyan communities and to share in amazing experiences together.

Day 1 Masai Family Ties

Clan Elder Daniel and his family host you at their traditional village in magnificent Masai country.

  • Spend time with Masai mothers and help them build a new family home (manyatta)
  • Share lunch with Masai warriors, who’ll answer all your questions about Masai family structures
  • Learn ancient skills such as spear throwing and how the Masai live off their land
  • Enjoy a Masai dance class

In the evening we’ll host you for dinner at one of our favourite Nairobi restaurants.

Day 2  Kikuyu Family Ties

Grandma Helen hosts us at her rural home and we meet her family.

  • Learn to cook a traditional Kenyan lunch with Helen’s daughter and it share with grandmas at One Horizon’s Field Kitchen
  • Tour Helen’s pig farm and pitch in with the chores if you’d like to

Helen’s a graduate of our farming program and now runs a sustainable business that sees her stress-free and her grandchildren well cared for. Her family’s generational cycle of poverty has been broken and now Helen offers peer support to other grandmas as they enter our program.

You can book this 2 day event on line by following the link

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