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Whether its a women sitting on her 3 seat lounge as she takes it home on a motorbike, or the acrobatic antics of a bus conductor, transport in Nairobi can be life threatening. A point of view that using local transport providers supports the local economy is a valid one. But travelers in Nairobi may be wise to revisit decisions about how they get around. For a start, there is no dependable train line. And if you think that you will hop on a motor bike, then standing on a corner and watching the antics of reckless motor bike drivers will quickly change your mind. In Nairobi, there are more people killed from falls and collisions involving motorbikes than from any other form of transport, except for one, matatus. Matatus (the local word for buses) can range from 14 seaters to 40 seaters. However you only have to be behind a matatu to realize that poor servicing is responsible for the tons of black carbon monoxide fumes spewing from the vehicle. And similarly the way they flout the road rules will leave you also gasping as they put people’s lives at risk. And with pickpockets targeting crowded matatus, its likely that you will lose your wallet and phone as well (as the locals do regularly). Perhaps the safest bet is Uber As professional as in any other part of the world, Uber vehicles are safe, clean and well maintained with trained drivers. Play it safe and keep safe whilst in Nairobi traffic.

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