A Mother’s Day Like No Other

  • 2021-02-03 11:57:39

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A Mother’s Day Like No Other

If you are travelling to Kenya in May (or are organising for your clients to come) and specifically if you will be in Nairobi on May 9th, you don’t have to miss out on celebrating Mother’s Day.   It’s a big event here, partly because mothers are considered as the heroes in their local communities.

One Horizon holds village parties to celebrate Mother’s Day and you are invited. It will be a day of singing and dancing and meeting some of the most inspiring grandmas and young mums you will ever meet.   And if you are a travel agent organising your clients, what a great way to offer something different.    It’s a private event, so the party guests are you and your friends and a crowd of assorted grandmas and their families.  The welcome you will receive it incredibly warm with a song and dance welcome and the opportunity to see the grandmas prepare a great lunch.  And of course the dancing and party time atmosphere is something you will treasure all your life.

And the day will provide great insight into the lives of the Kenyan people and who, on this day, take time out from their usual activities to celebrate.  To find out more about attending, contact us on enquiry@onehorizonafrica.com

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