A Permanent Home For Our Women's Centre

  • 2021-04-01 08:13:11

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A Permanent Home For Our Women's Centre

Being able to offer places to women in our vocational re-education program has been one of the most rewarding programs of One Horizon. The ultimate objective has been to economically empower women enabling them to support their families. Ultimately this means that family units do not fracture, that children are well fed and can go to school. And losing children to the street is all but eliminated.

And that’s where we need your help?

If we can raise $25,000 USD, we will be able to build a permanent vocational re-education centre. And the funds saved on rent will enable us to include up to 50 women in the year long program. The government has granted us a quarter acre of land, rent free from land taxes for as long as we do our work. This is because of the benefit that has flowed from our program.

If there is a program that you would like to support in Africa, then we hope that you would consider One Horizon and a donation of $250 dollars. The funds will be held by Standard Chartered Bank. We need 100 donors to make this a possibility and we hope to be able to achieve our goal within 6 months. If we cannot achieve our funding goal, we will refund all the money to donors. And that’s One Horizon’s promise to potential donors. Your donation will help support many women and their families. So if you are thinking about a worthwhile project to support and/or if you make an annual donation to a worthy cause, then please consider One Horizon. Our GIVING tab is the place where a donation can be made. Thank you for your support.

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