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The Masai are great eco warriors whose knowledge of the land and its conservation is second to none. As they travel with their herds they are vigilant about preserving it for the future and hence their wanderings are more strategic than you might at first realize. And in our local community of Masai just outside Nairobi, they have embraced the adoption of bio-gas systems.

Preparing to install a bio gas system

Bio-gas systems combine cow manure with water to not only produce nonpolluting cooking fuel, but a high quality organic fertilizer. And bio-gas systems totally eliminate the time and effort taken by villages to obtain timber from the forest to use for the fires that cook food and give them warmth.

Filled with manure, it takes 14 days to inflate

Of course in Kenya as in most countries, cutting down of natural forest is illegal but in the absence of other affordable options, cutting of forests often happens late at night. And it is a back breaking and time consuming activity that must happen every day if people are to survive.

Sunlight does its tricks and the balloon starts to inflate

The introduction of bio gas systems in our Masai community is a great win not only for the village but for the environment. Precious forests is preserved, waste is handled to stop pollution of the environment and a high quality fertilizer that comes from the bio-gas is able to be bagged and sold. It’s a high quality fertilizer that farmers want and provides another source of income for the Masai.

And after 14 days and with top ups, there is a continual source of fuel to homes

And the delight of villagers is beyond explanation. For the first time in their life they have a fuel source which uses something they have plenty of (the manure from their herds) and water. And a simple gas burner is attached to the system and within their manyattas (traditional homes) they now have a cooking source available at the flick of a switch

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