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Building new classrooms changes the lives of disadvantaged Kenyan children who come into One Horizon’s orbit. In many of our communities, parents either struggle to send their children to school or, in their despair, just give up.  An education can be way down on the priority list, not because parents don’t value it, but simply because obtaining enough food takes every bit of money, effort and energy they have.

Assisting people out of poverty involves many elements.  In regard to education, it has become one of One Horizon’s sustainable programs that involves travellers.  Building the infrastructure is a big challenge.  And in helping this to be achieved many of our guests not only travel with us to contribute to our programs that change lives, they also support us financially once they have witnessed first hand how our initiatives truly are solving poverty and breaking generational cycles of disadvantage in Kenya.

Whether they offer $20 dollars or $20,000 they’re people who put others ahead of themselves, people who take practical steps to help others have a brighter future.

Currently we have three new classrooms that are close to completion at a school in one of the impoverished communities that One Horizon partners with. This will enable 40 more children to be enrolled. Children who would otherwise be on the street, will be able to start their educational journey. Of course, it’s just the beginning and there are lots of things which will have to come together to ensure they have a brighter future, but education is a fundamental step and the families and their children will embrace it fully.

We cannot thank our travellers enough.  They are essential to the growth of our sustainable programs. Their Kenyan vacation became much more than they probably ever anticipated – an opportunity to give back and be part of a global community of travellers that is working towards creating one bright horizon for Kenya’s disadvantaged families.

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