Celebrate Your Milestone with Us

  • 2021-09-07 10:54:29

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Celebrate Your Milestone with Us

Over the time that One Horizon has welcomed travelers as guests, we have often been privy to the reasons that people embark on a trip to Africa.  For many it’s been on their bucket list for years.   But for others it’s the chance to celebrate their own milestone in life (retirement, a wedding or honeymoon).   For others it’s a tribute to the loved one they have lost in the recent past.  And that is why One Horizon introduced our Celebrate Your Milestone event.  And for those who may be travelling alone, it’s a great way to connect with our communities and have some fun as well.   The memories of life’s milestones are what people remember the most about their lives.   Our Celebrate Your Milestone events also means that these events will never be forgotten as well.   Special moments that will stay with guests forever.  Please follow the link for our Celebrate Your Milestone event to find out more.    For travel agents, it may be just the thing that your clients need.

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