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Our work with grandmas has been some of the most rewarding work that One Horizon and its army of committed travelers have ever been involved in. Of course its never easy and you have to stay the course, but it delivers in spades. The aged in many communities are often isolated, lonely and depressed and Kenya is typical of many other countries in this regard. And when grandmas come into One Horizon’s orbit the first thing they do is enter our peer support program. They will stay in the program for up to 18 months. During that time, they develop friendships with other grandmas which are incredibly important in supporting them through their trials and tribulations. A healthy dose of regular food and medication also helps. Stomach ulcers are the common ailment which are the result of stress and malnutrition. It takes time but the healing process sets them up to become active members of their community again. It’s at this stage that they enter Phase 2 of the program. Grandmas can opt for a variety of income generating schemes but the most popular is pig farming. The overall objective of the scheme is to have a fully viable farming operation which enables them to put food on the table, support their grandchildren’s education and…..relax. You can find out more about out GO GRANNY GO program and tour by following the link.

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