How Much Fun Do You Want to Have?

  • 2021-07-30 04:32:28

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How Much Fun Do You Want to Have?

On our 1 & 2-day cultural safaris, guests visit traditional Maasai villages to engage with these amazing people.  This interactive experience allows guests to meet the infamous warriors, village elders and Maasai women.  Guests can also take part in some of their daily activities to learn about their traditional way of life that has not changed for generations. And this includes learning about what it’s like to be a Maasai.   It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain an insight into a unique tribe and its customs.  And to share and listen to stories and beliefs with people from a completely different world and culture.  An experience you will never forget and something for the entire family.   For further information please follow the  link to our video experience.

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