Introducing - My Maasai Life Series

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Introducing - My Maasai Life Series

The My Maasai Life Series is the first of its kind and defines the next generation of experiences for travelers. For people wanting to enrich themselves in another culture, it’s an interactive, personal, and intimate insight into what it’s like living in a traditional Maasai society. And this insight is from the perspective of the Maasai themselves.  My Maasai Life introduces a cross section of Maasai people of different ages and genders who all have penetrating insights about their culture. From the perspective of a newlywed Maasai woman and her adopted family, to that of a Maasai warrior defending his community, to an elder of the tribe whose role is to nurture the tribes’ customs and traditions. Their insight will move, amaze, and change guests. It is a bonding and emotional experience for all. And as a learning experience, it is second to none.  The Maasai Life Series continues the innovation and leading-edge experiences of One Horizon as the next generation of experiences for travelers.  The tours are part of our private group portfolio.

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