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One Horizon is very proud of its ability to be able to provide employment for local community projects. Our sustainable projects are the cornerstone for everything One Horizon stands for. One of the main projects is fencing. The purpose of these fencing projects is to secure property from intruders but at the same time not to hinder the movement of wild animals. Recently and in the area where we do a lot of work, the problem has been hyenas and leopards that raid the Masai’s herds. This is less than 25 kilometers from downtown Nairobi and the area is adjacent to a national park. So its not about stopping the movements of wild animals but ensuring that the herds are well protected of a night. The Masai are masters of this in terms of creating enclosures from a local bush which are just about impenetrable to everything including people and animals. The thick thorns are turned outward and are a great deterrent to predatory animals who will always choose something easier to get. The thorn fences can be up to 2.5 meters high. But the work with our young men goes on. Over the terms of the projects their confidence rises, their happiness increases and the teamwork is amazing. Our Masai Magic is a great way to meet amazing people in incredible and beautiful countryside. Follow the link to find out more

The Masai surround their village with a bush of almost impenetrable thorns

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