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So, what is it that One Horizon does that attracts travelers from around the world?

People gravitate to us to quench their thirst for a genuine understanding of the life of ordinary Kenyan people and to help them understand their own purpose in life.

One Horizon’s humanitarian work with Kenyan communities and families offers travellers a window for authentic insights and meaningful interactions. 

A One Horizon Signature Experience is not a bus or sight-seeing tour – it’s a grassroots Kenyan experience and an emotional journey for all. Our travellers want to discover the stories of the Kenyans they meet and, conversely, the Kenyans in our communities want to hear about our guests’ life experiences and their cultures back home. It’s these conversations about life, its challenges and triumphs, that precipitate feelings about the common bonds we share.  

The connections that form are emotional, powerful and long lasting … people from different cultures and circumstances searching for what binds us as human beings, understanding ‘we are all in this together’.  This sparks moments that create everlasting memories and incredible bonds. 

That’s why One Horizon holidays change lives, why they’re unique, inspiring and unforgettable.   And the Kenyan Tourist Board recognized this recently when One Horizon was inducted into a select group of 15 organisations offering unique and authentic experiences.

Our travelers say it all …

“We had an absolute amazing time on Saturday, and it was truly life changing. Thank you so much for having this beautiful vision and executing it with such dignity and grace for all parties involved.” Rianette, South Africa

“With no exaggeration, it was one of the best experiences we have ever had. Laughter breaks down any barriers and this was certainly proven on our visit with the beautiful Maasai women who welcomed us into their home with such warmth that we did not want to leave. Our conversations flowed easily as it does with friends. It was truly an amazing visit.” Heather and Hannah, Australia

One Horizon’s tours reflect the Kenyan Tourism Board’s notions of ‘activation of human senses’ and ‘the exclusivity of getting access to people, not available to everyone’. Our sustainable tourism is a two-way street – the connections and contributions are equally deep and meaningful for Kenyans as they are for travelers. This interaction, along with our guests involvement in our sustainable programs, is life-changing for all.

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