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Most people are familiar with One Horizon’s farming programs which are changing the lives of Kenyan families.  But another aspect of this program is the installation of bio gas systems. It’s a simple, practical and cost effective solution for problems such as the pollution of underground water supplies, the loss of forest and natural habitat for the amazing wildlife of Kenya. And on top of this, its a great alternative for cooking and heating fuel for communities challenged by low incomes.

The loss of forests and wildlife habitat has had a devastating impact
  • Without a source of fuel, many families resort to foraging for firewood.  And with Kenya’s population doubling every 20 years, the impact on forests has been devastating.   Once well forested, the impact on wildlife has also meant the loss of habitat and greater erosion.  
The big winners from bio gas is the environment and families

Bio gas systems serve a number of great purposes, including the following:

  • Pig and cattle manure from farms is put into the balloon (converter) which saves polluting ground water supplies.
  • The converter produces a high quality organic fertilizer as well as cooking and heating fuel for families.  And with many Masai families now becoming farmers the fertilizer helps them improve better crop yields
  • A pipe system funnels the gas from the converter to the house and when attached to a burner, enables a family to have instant access for cooking purposes.   
  • But with bio gas, there is no need to cut down trees or burn charcoal (which has severe health implications). The government correctly discourages families from cutting down precious forest.

And with over 100 biogas systems installed over the last 10 years its been a big achievement and contribution from our guests who have helped fund this incredible program

If you would like to be a contributor for bio gas systems in communities then please do not hesitate to go to our shop if you would like to purchase a biogas system. It’s a great investment and a winner for all.

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