When in Kenya, Why Not Celebrate Your Lifetime Event with the Maasai?

  • 2021-02-03 12:07:43

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When in Kenya, Why Not Celebrate Your Lifetime Event with the Maasai?

Celebrating your birthday, anniversary, or other milestone with the Maasai would be a memory that you will never forget. Or organizing a surprise party for your travelling companions would be a guaranteed holiday highlight. Your celebration is held in a traditional Maasai village. The most unique location you will ever experience and with the inspired singing and dancing that the Maasai are renowned for. One Horizon will also organize your party wear and you can be dressed in traditional Maasai style with these memories captured on video and with images. Your travels to Africa will always be a highlight in years to come and with this memorable event, it is sure to stay with you for life. It’s a great way to meet the locals and to understand what we share in common. And being held in a village a short drive from Nairobi, is a location that few travelers ever get to experience. Something to talk about when you get home.

For Travel Agents thinking of something different for your clients, please contact us by clinking on the link ‘party time

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